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Transparency statement 

At World Obesity we recognise the importance of being transparent about the work that we do, the funding that we receive and the organisations that we work with. We are currently working to develop a new “Financial Relationship Policy” which includes a risk assessment on whether or not it would be acceptable, and in line with World Obesity’s aims, to accept support or funding from a certain organisation. See here for more information.

The World Obesity Federation is a Registered Charity in the UK with the Charity Commission (1076981) and a Registered Company Limited by Guarantee (3802726). World Obesity operates a membership structure.

Key information about the organisation can be found below.

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Financial engagement 

The World Obesity Federation believes in working with associations that have similar values and ethics. Our Financial Relationship Policy includes a risk assessment on whether or not an association would be acceptable and in line with World Obesity’s aims and if we can accept support or funding from organisations. To support your work in policy and advocacy we recommend that all World Obesity’s member organisations follow our terms of engagement.

To view our Financial Relationship Policy, please click here.


If you have questions regarding our Financial Engagement Policy or the Financial Engagement Risk Assessment form please contact our Director of Finance and Operations, Heather Budd.