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Our Policy Priorities

Our key messages on prevention, treatment and care of obesity are arranged around a number of policy areas.

We advocate with governments, international and national health bodies, civil society organisations, and other key stakeholders around the world to change the narrative around obesity and achieve the political recognition which it deserves.

We do this by advising governments, responding to consultations, publishing position statements, convening high-level meetings of experts, forming coalitions and helping others advocate and spread the word where they are.

We have designated five key policy priorities. Read more about them by clicking the links below.

Obesity as a disease

In May 2017, we published its position statement recognising obesity as a disease. 

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Commercial determinants of obesity

A core value of ours is that obesity prevention efforts should not just be targeted at individual actions but at wider commercial and societal determinants.  

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Childhood obesity

Childhood obesity is one of the most serious global public health challenges of the 21st century, affecting every country in the world.

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Obesity in Universal Health Coverage

With its inclusion in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Universal Health Coverage is high on the political and global health agendas. 

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Weight stigma

Weight stigma refers to the discriminatory acts and ideologies targeted towards individuals because of their weight and size.

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The ROOTS of obesity

To have a real impact on obesity, we need to work together to address its many root causes throughout society. 

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Policy Resources

Want to find out more about our recent policy announcements and related resources? We have a selection of resources, announcements and papers that can all be found using the link below: