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Obesity in Universal Health Coverage

With its inclusion in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Universal Health Coverage is high on the political and global health agendas. 

In line with our view that obesity is a disease, World Obesity Federation is calling for obesity prevention, management and treatment to be integrated into Universal Health Coverage as an ‘essential health service’. We urge political leaders to build strong health systems, ensuring they are equipped to manage and treat obesity. Health services should provide people living with obesity with access to appropriate and safe treatments, medicines and support services as well as provide adequate access to specialist health workers. Provisions must be made to ensure health services and workers are sensitive to and do not perpetuate weight stigma.

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You can read more about UHC and why it is important for obesity and World Obesity members by reading the blog by Claudia Selin Batz and Rachel Thompson here.  

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Ahead of the UN general assembly (UNGA) World Obesity has developed a series of infographics to outline our key messages. We have also prepared suggested tweets to accompany these infographics, and/or to be used stand alone. We urge all our members, advocates and individuals to use our graphics and tweets on social media.

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  • Health systems across the world are not prepared to prevent and treat #obesity, a risk factor for the world’s biggest killers (#cancer, #diabetes & #heartdisease). As world leaders come together to call for #HealthforAll, we need specific action on obesity. 
    • Could pair with the “Obesity is a chronic disease” infographic
  • By 2025, the global cost of #obesity and its co-morbidities is estimated by @WHO to rise to US$1.2 *trillion* per year. Health systems & economies can't sustain the global obesity epidemic and we can't afford to ignore it. #UHC #HealthforAll #HLMUHC
  • We call on all governments to recognise #obesity as a disease and prioritise prevention and treatment at all levels, including in national plans for Universal Health Coverage. #UNGA74 #UHC #HealthforAll #HLMUHC
    • Could pair with the “Obesity must be part of universal health coverage efforts” infographic
  • Most of the world's population lives in countries where overweight and #obesity kills more people than underweight. Governments must invest in health systems and policies to tackle social, commercial & environmental determinants of obesity. #UHC #HealthforAll #HLMUHC
    • Could pair with the “Obesity is a global issue” infographic
  • Global childhood #obesity is rising dramatically, yet countries are not incorporating prevention and treatment of obesity into their health systems and national plans. Obesity must be a part of Universal Health Coverage efforts.  #UHC #HLMUHC #HealthforAll
    • Could pair with the “Rising rates of childhood obesity are a global scandal” infographic
  • Obesity is a disease and global rates are rising. We need immediate action from our leaders to strengthen health systems to prevent #obesity and control this epidemic #UHC #HLMUHC #HealthforAll
  • Those living with #obesity, and young people in particular, are driving change to make sure efforts to achieve Universal Health Coverage are inclusive. Let’s raise up their voices!  #UHC #HLMUHC #HealthforAll
  • Data helps to drive policy and progress, but current information about the global burden of obesity and countries’ efforts to address this epidemic is severely lacking. We need investments in data on #obesity.  #UHC #HLMUHC #HealthforAll

Obesity and Universal Health Coverage: Preparations for the UN High-level Meeting on UHC

Obesity and Universal Health Coverage

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