Clinical Care Committee

World Obesity's Clinical Care Committee was set up to manage and develop World Obesity’s education programme, SCOPE - the Strategic Centre for Obesity Professional Education.

Clinical Care's mission statement is as follows:

  •     To improve and provide education in obesity
  •     To recognise leaders and experts in the field
  •     To develop evidence-based management pathways

The Clinical Care Committee is responsible for the various strands of the SCOPE programme including SCOPE Schools, SCOPE E-Learning and the SCOPE Certification, Fellowship and Accreditation schemes. All educational content developed or accredited by World Obesity is reviewed by Clinical Care to ensure it meets the highest educational standards and is based on the latest scientific evidence.

Clinical care


Clinical care engages in an increasing amount of activites to support it's mission of improving and providing education. Some of these are as follows:

  • Develop the SCOPE E-Learning programme
  • Facilitate SCOPE live training courses
  • Explore regional expansion of SCOPE 
  • Establish programmes for the SCOPE School events

Clinical Care Committee

  • Joseph Proietto (Australia) (Chair)
  • Marie-Laure Frelut (France) (Deputy Chair)
  • Ada Cuevas (Chile)
  • Arya Sharma (Canada)
  • Brett Huang (Taiwan)
  • Carel le Roux (Ireland)
  • Clare Grace (UK)
  • Deborah Horn (USA)
  • Ebaa Al-Ozairi (Kuwait)
  • Gary Wittert (Australia)
  • Jens Jordan (Germany)
  • Kathy James (USA)
  • Mahenderan Appukutty (Malaysia)
  • Marco Bueter (Switzerland)
  • Rachel Pryke (UK)
  • Ricardo Luna Fuentes (Mexico)
  • Robert Kushner (USA)
  • Scott Butsch (USA)
  • Tess van de Merwe (South Africa)

Learn more about SCOPE

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