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Policy & Prevention Committee

World Obesity's Policy & Prevention Committee was set up to manage and develop the policy and advocacy work of World Obesity.

Policy & Prevention is a global network of experts working to alert the world to the growing health crisis caused by soaring levels of obesity. It works with the WHO, other NGOs and stakeholders to address this challenge.

The committee has grown from, and replaces, the International Obesity Task Force (IOTF), a think tank originally convened in 1995 by Professor Philip James to prepare the first scientific research report on the global epidemic of obesity.  For more information on the history of IOTF click here.

Policy & Prevention

Our activities

Overview of World Obesity's Policy & Prevention activities:

  • Leadership: - works with governments, the WHO and other NGOs to shape world-wide policies and practices
  • Knowledge exchange: - defines new analytical tools, collects and disseminates the evidence
  • Networks - promotes research consortia; forms expert networks; Fosters Dialogue, finds consensus
  • Advocacy: - Publishes report to present the facts and the arguments; guides the debates

Policy & Prevention Committee

  • Co-chair: Kent Buse (United Kingdom)
  • Co-chair: TBC
  • Camila Corvalan (Chile)
  • Colin Tukuitonga (Auckland)
  • Harry Rutter (United Kingdom)
  • Jean-Claude Mbanya (Cameroon)
  • Mary L'Abbe (Canada)
  • Mychelle Farmer (United States)
  • Patty Nece (United States)
  • Shifalika Goenka (India)
  • Tolullah Oni (United Kingdom)
  • Trevor Hassell (Barbados)
  • Johanna Ralston - (CEO - World Obesity ex-officio)