Executive Committee

The Charity’s current Executive Committee is comprised of 13 members who are jointly responsible for the strategic direction and policies of the charity as delegated by the General Council. The Executive Committee normally meets four times each year. The current membership is shown in the table below.​

The members of the Executive Committee are also trustees of the charity for the purpose of charity law, and are directors of the limited company. Under the Articles of Association, the President and President-Elect are elected by the General Council and serve for a term of two years in each position. The Treasurer and the Secretary are elected by the General Council to serve for a maximum period of two terms, each four years in duration. The Vice-Presidents for each region are elected by their respective regional bodies. Chairs of committees are members of the Executive Committee ex officio.

President Prof. Donna Ryan
President Elect

Prof. John Wilding

Past President

Prof. Ian Caterson

Treasurer Prof. Ian Macdonald
Vice President Latin America (FLASO)

Dr. Victor Saavedra Gajardo

Vice President Asia Oceania (AOASO) Prof. Brian Oldfield
President Europe (EASO) Dr. Nathalie Farpour-Lambert
Vice President North America (TOS) Prof. Terry T-K Huang 
Chair: International Scientific Committee Prof. Karine Clement 
Chair: Obesity Clinical Care Prof. Joe Proietto 
Co-Chair: Policy & Prevention Prof. Shiriki Kumanyika
Chair: Publications Committee Prof. David York