Best practices for obesity treatment are evolving all the time. Let us stay on top of things for you with SCOPE E-Learning.

Our e-learning modules provide expert knowledge on obesity and its various comorbidities. The essential information on obesity management is included in our Core Learning Path, while our supplementary modules cover a range of topics including obesity and pregnancy, obstructive sleep apnea, diabetes, physical activity, and the relationship between obesity and ethnicity.

All of our modules are authored by leading obesity experts, and the majority are available for free. Read on to learn more, or go straight to SCOPE by following the link below!

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Core Learning Path

SCOPE’s Core Learning Path contains the essential information on obesity management.  After completing the eight-module course, the health professional will have a clear understanding on the causes of obesity, the regulation and vigorous defence of body weight, the complications of obesity, how to raise the issue of obesity, how to take a history and conduct an examination, how to achieve weight loss, how to keep the weight off and how to address obesity in children and adolescents.


Childhood Obesity: From Diagnosis to Treatment

Childhood Obesity: From Diagnosis to Treatment is a six-module learning path developed in partnership with the European Childhood Obesity Group (ECOG). The course provides a comprehensive overview of how to effectively treat and manage obesity and overweight in children and adolescents. Topics discussed include: the identification of early risk factors; the impact of diet, fitness and psychological issues; comorbidities associated with child and adolescent obesity; and the growing impact of the double burden of malnutrition.

Childhood Obesity: From Diagnosis to Treatment

Free supplementary modules

We brought together a faculty of internationally recognised experts in different areas of obesity treatment to develop the SCOPE E-Learning course.

In addition to the Core Learning Path, we offer numerous supplementary modules completely free of charge. These modules expand on specific issues related to obesity, and can be accessed by simply signing up to SCOPE. 


Other Languages

All modules including the Core Learning Path are now available in Spanish, French and Portuguese on the new SCOPE E-Learning platform.

Parts of the SCOPE training programme have benefited from an Operating Grant under the European Union's Third Health Programme.