Jan 06, 20

World Obesity Data Update

As our membership grows so do our data resources!

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Dec 17, 19

SCOPE E-Learning scholarships available!

We're giving away free access to our Core Learning Path to a limited number of healthcare professionals in...

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Nov 28, 19

Community-level interventions to address obesity: A World Obesity Federation Webinar

On Wednesday 11 December we will be hosting a webinar on community-level interventions to address obesity!

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Policy & Advocacy Press Release Nov 14, 19

New policy dossier on front-of-pack nutrition labelling

WOF’s latest policy dossier highlights front-of-pack labelling as an effective tool to promote healthy diets

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News SCOPE Oct 15, 19

Two new SCOPE Accredited Medscape activities now live!

World Obesity is delighted to announce the launch of two new SCOPE Accredited activities!

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