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News Jun 27, 24

Ultra-processed foods are ‘pushing aside’ all other food groups to dominate global diets

In a presentation at ICO 2024, Professor Carlos Monteiro highlights the dangers UPFs represent to global health.

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News Jun 27, 24

Almost half of Brazilian adults will be living with obesity within 20 years

Study suggests 48% of Brazilian adults will be living with obesity by 2044, with a further 27% living with overweight.

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News Jun 27, 24

Finnish advocacy group Terve Paino joins World Obesity Federation

The main goal of Terve Paino is to advocate for laws and regulations that promote a healthier food environment.

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World Obesity Resources

We have a wide range of resources available for you to download, read, use or purchase.

  • Policy Dossiers - These provide evidence and resources to help policymakers, NGOs and others.
  • Journals - World Obesity publishes four scientific, peer-reviewed journals.
  • Image Bank - A gallery of free-to-use images to ensure accurate, non-biased, and respectful images are widely available.
  • Resource Library - We produce a range of statements, responses, papers and reports related to obesity.
  • Obesity: The Other Pandemic of the 21st Century - This work features contributions from leading experts in the field of obesity management and prevention.

Our Members

World Obesity Federation is a membership organisation representing national and regional associations dedicated to the study and management of obesity and related comorbidities.

Our membership body currently comprises more than 80 associations in over 100 countries and territories.

Our members are organisations representing healthcare professionals, researchers, policy specialists and those with lived experience of obesity. As well as a membership programme for non-profit organisations, World Obesity runs a Champions programme for partners.

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Upcoming Events

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SCOPE Jul 18, 24

SCOPE Sessions: Women’s health and obesity

Join us on 18 July for the first SCOPE Sessions webinar, focused on women's health and obesity.

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SCOPE School Sep 03, 24

SCOPE School Melbourne

Join us on 3 September at IFSO 2024 and delve into 'Obesity management & treatment: A multidisciplinary approach'.

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Member Sep 03, 24

XXVII IFSO World Congress: IFSO 2024

IFSO will be holding its 27th World Congress in Melbourne, Australia from 3 - 6 September 2024.

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