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Childhood obesity treatment: additional resources

JANPA Toolbox 

JANPA, the "Joint Action on Nutrition and Physical Activity", aims to halt "the rise of overweight and obesity in children and adolescents by 2020." 

To facilitate this process and help policymakers and programme planners implement policies, they developed the JANPA Toolbox. The Toolbox serves as "Good practice database, where interventions can be sorted by countries, settings, intervention focus, intervention type, and budget categories." While it can be used for different purposes, the Toolbox has one overarching aim: "to connect those who would like to intervene against childhood obesity with those ones who gained knowledge and experiences in this area by implementing actions on the field." 

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STOP Project

The Science and Technology in childhood Obesity (STOP) Project is a Horizon 2020-funded project to tackle childhood obesity. It aims to expand and consolidate the multi-disciplinary evidence base upon which effective and sustainable policies can be built to prevent and manage childhood obesity. The primary focus of STOP is on the cumulative impacts of multiple and synergistic exposures in vulnerable and socially disadvantaged children and their families, which must be a priority target for the fight against childhood obesity in Europe. The Project will identify critical stages in childhood at which interventions can be most effective and efficient. 

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All Our Health: Childhood Obesity

This e-learning course aims to "give health and care professionals an overview of childhood obesity - including key evidence, data, signposting to trusted resources to help prevent illness, protect health and promote wellbeing." Click here to access the online course!