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Digital Marketing: systematic reviews

Influence of unhealthy food and beverage marketing on children’s dietary intake and preference: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised trials

The aim of this study was to systematically review all randomised controlled trials involving children aged 2 to 18 years that evaluated the impact of unhealthy food and beverage marketing compared with non-active control on dietary intake and preference. 

Influence of food companies’ brand mascots and entertainment companies’ cartoon media characters on children’s diet and health: a systematic review and research needs

This systematic review compiled evidence from eleven published experimental studies involving children aged 2-11 years to evaluate collective insights about the influence of brand mascots and cartoon media characters on children’s diet-related cognitive, behavioural and health outcomes.

The impact of initiatives to limit the advertising of food and beverage products to children: a systematic review

This systematic review seeks to summarise evidence on the impact of regulation and industry self-regulation on curbing children’s exposure to the advertising and commercial promotion of less healthy foods and beverages. 

Systematic reviews of the evidence on the nature, extent and effects of food marketing to children. A retrospective summary

This systematic review was conducted (i) to provide a summary of the public health evidence base that has informed policy development to date and (ii) to highlight evidence gaps pertinent to next steps in developing effective marketing control policies. 

The effects of digital marketing of unhealthy commodities on young people: A systematic review

The aim of this systematic review was to assess the findings from empirical studies that evaluate the association between digital marketing on young people’s attitudes and behaviours towards unhealthy commodities. 

Effectiveness of social marketing strategies to reduce youth obesity in European school-based interventions: a systematic review and meta analysis

The objective of this review was "to assess the effectiveness of European school-based interventions to prevent obesity relative to the inclusion of social marketing benchmark criteria domains in the intervention." 

Outcomes of Healthy Eating Ad Campaigns: A Systematic Review

The aim of this paper was "to conduct a systematic review of quantitative studies analysing healthy eating ad interventions." 

A critical review of evidence on the socio-cultural impacts of food marketing and policy implications

Responsible marketing policy has drawn on research on micro-level effects of marketing on food choice, but little research exists on the macro-level effects. To explore this gap, a review of evidence on the effects of food marketing on the sociocultural food environment was conducted.

Availability and marketing of food and beverages to children through sports settings: a systematic review

The systematic review identified and appraised the existing research on food environments in sports settings, including research into types of food and beverages available, the extent and impact of food and beverage sponsorship and marketing and views about food environments among stakeholders. 

Digital Food Marketing to Young People: a substantial public health challenge

The review describes the shift in “children’s media practices" and makes recommendations for future research and further action in relation to digital food marketing to young people. 

E-Health technologies show promise in developing countries

This systematic review evaluates the use of e-health in developing countries. 

Food Marketing Influences Children’s Attitudes, Preferences, and Consumption: A Systematic Critical Review

This systematic review gives a comprehensive contemporary account of the impact of marketing on children aged 0-18 years and critically evaluates the methods used. The review used 5 electronic academic databases that were searched using key terms for primary studies (both quantitative and qualitative) published up to September 2018. 

Identifying food marketing to teenagers: a scoping review

This scoping literature review collected all available literature on food marketing and advertising for teenagers. 

Literature review of Research on Online Food and Beverage Marketing to children

The aim of this scoping literature review is to comprehensively review the most recent literature about digital marketing for children and adolescents, particularly with reference to food and drink. 

Mapping the digital food environment

This scoping literature review, therefore, aimed to define what a digital food environment is and understand what the consequences of the environment are on nutrition and health.

Opportunities and challenges to digital marketing in developing countries

This paper reviews literature that outlines the opportunities and threats to digital marketing in developing countries. In the article, problems such as education, privacy, and access to the internet have been discussed in countries like Nigeria and India.