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Youth voices for healthy choices

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World Obesity are excited to announce a new three-episode podcast mini-series.

Hosted by patient and student activist Faith Newsome, this podcast will take you on a journey around the world taking in stories from experts and young changemakers working to address childhood obesity. During the first episodes Faith will be joined by Claudia Batz from the World Obesity to explore some of the challenges and solutions when addressing obesity, as told by young people on the front line in Portugal, Austria, India, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the UK.

The series will be available on World Obesity’s youth-oriented capacity-building platform Healthy Voices and available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

We aim to:

  • Elevate the importance of addressing childhood obesity, especially in the context of COVID-19.
  • Share the stories of young people.
  • Explore the most effective policies.
  • Dispel myths and existing misconceptions about obesity.

Want to learn more?

Visit Healthy Voices, World Obesity’s website that will provide young people with the necessary knowledge and advocacy tools to promote their positive engagement to address health-related challenges.

Listen here:

Read more here:

World Obesity’s youth led webinar featured many of the youth advocates starring on the podcast. You can watch the video of the podcast live event and hear more about their experiences here.

Healthy Voices YouTube channel features several educational videos explaining key concepts such as weight stigma or youth engagement, as well as features some of the youth voices involved in the CO-CREATE project.

The podcast was created by Rachel Thompson and produced by Marina Poole and made possible by support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Salzburg Global. Thanks to Luwaiza Mirza, Margot Neveux and Matthew O’Flynn.