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True and lasting effects to positively impact youth health, including overweight and obesity, requires your input, perspective, and suggestions. As the next generation of adults, parents, and policymakers YOU must be part of the answer!

Overweight and obesity is a result of complex systems interactions. Solutions must move away from single-level interventions towards developing systemic policy.

Healthy Voices provides tools and expertise about how to become an agent for change in the youth health agenda. Academics, policy makers, and industry need your initiative and leadership to create positive change.

To help you with this mission:

Healthy Voices has collated information from the STOP and CO-CREATE projects.

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Interested in learning more about youth engagement and health policies? Check out our library of resources that include policy summaries and infographics for you. You can also get any of your questions answered by experts!



Healthy Voices was developed to give YOU a voice. Listen and read about others’ stories and discuss your experiences together.



Want to become more active in promoting youth engagement and have your voices heard? Share your thoughts through a written or video blog and check out some of our advocacy resources.



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