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World Obesity welcomes four new members

NewsWorld Obesity welcomes four new members

World Obesity is delighted to announce four new organisations joining our ranks in June 2022, expanding our networks in the Gulf, South America, the Caribbean and Europe.

Below we introduce the important work being carried out by these members and highlight a few of their main objectives.

The Abu Dhabi Public Health Center (ADPHC) is an entity based in the UAE and joins as a Full Member of World Obesity.

ADPHC was established to ensure a public health system that maintains the health of the population in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and guarantees workers' safety through the promotion of public health and preventive health concepts, including obesity prevention and treatment. The Center is the first of its kind in the region and has been working alongside World Obesity in the implementation of obesity recommendations in the Gulf.

The Argentinian Society for Obesity and Eating Disorders (SAOTA, in Spanish) is the foremost obesity organisation in Argentina, and also joins World Obesity as a Full Member.

SAOTA is a non-profit medical society which aims to study both nutrition and obesity, being guided by evidence-based medicine and science. SAOTA utilises the clinical experience of its members to educate the professional and medical community through training and congresses. Its ultimate objective is to promote the health of patients and that of the general Argentinian population.

The Dominican Foundation of Obesity and Cardiovascular Prevention (FUNDO) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is the prevention and early detection of cardiovascular diseases, and to make the population aware of the importance of having heart-healthy habits and monitoring risk factors, providing the knowledge and tools necessary to address the twin risks of obesity and cardiovascular problems.

FUNDO joins as an Associate Member.

Obésités Mode d'Emploi : Apprendre à Vivre Ensemble (OMEAVE) is a French-based organisation which runs an information website dedicated to supporting people living with obesity, by maintaining physical and psychological health, and improving self-esteem and body image perceptions.

OMEAVE is involved in obesity prevention by raising awareness and changing preconceptions among healthcare providers around weight bias. They also provide education about the causes and effects of obesity to medical students, and support efforts of caregivers to improve patient care, developing therapeutic patient education and partnerships since they believe in empowerment as a strong tool to help people living with a chronic disease.

President and founder, Béatrix de Lambertye, expressed her satisfaction at joining WOF: “this membership means a lot for my small organisation and for the people living with obesity we represent.”

World Obesity Federation is committed to the continued support of both established and nascent organisations in the fields of obesity and related comorbidities across the world. Look out for new membership announcements in the coming weeks.

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