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The CO-CREATE EU project launches a new Youth Advocacy Toolkit

NewsThe CO-CREATE EU project launches a new Youth Advocacy Toolkit

On 21 June, the CO-CREATE project, in collaboration with Press Save the Children Norway, published its new systems thinking-based Youth Advocacy Toolkit.

The webinar event brought together youth activists and project researchers to explore CO-CREATE’s aims and research, examples of pressures encountered by young people today, and how best to navigate the Toolkit.

This is a resource aimed at empowering young people to identify issues such as challenges within public health or rising adolescent obesity, understand their context, and call for policymakers to act on them.

Within the Toolkit process, there are three interactive activities:

  • photovoice
  • systems thinking
  • the Dialogue Forum tool

These are adaptable to idea development on a range of issues which impact local communities. Schools, youth organisations, campaign groups and civil society organisations can utilise the Toolkit in order to amplify young peoples’ voices, and make a difference to their own futures.

During the launch event, attendees heard from CO-CREATE researchers on the importance of engaging youth in policymaking, examples of pressures which young people are experiencing today, and the user journey of the tool.

The Toolkit is set to be translated into further languages, and the downloadable version is now available on the Healthy Voices webpage.

Find out more about CO-CREATE:

CO-CREATE aims to reduce the prevalence of obesity among adolescents in Europe through policy actions to promote a healthier food and physical activity environment.

To find out more about the CO-CREATE project, visit the website here.

Youth Advocacy Toolkit

Download the Youth Advocacy Toolkit on our Healthy Voices website now.


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