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New SCOPE module on pharmacotherapy for obesity

NewsNew SCOPE module on pharmacotherapy for obesity

Significant advancements have been made in the field of obesity pharmacotherapy recent years, with the development of semaglutide, recently approved by the EMA and FDA, ushering in a new era of more efficacious anti-obesity medications.

In light of these developments, we have released a brand-new SCOPE E-Learning module on pharmacotherapy for obesity. Authored by Dr Ania Jastreboff, an Associate Professor at Yale University School of Medicine, the module discusses the principles of prescribing medications as adjuncts to lifestyle intervention to achieve and sustain weight loss. It discusses the efficacy, safety and tolerability profiles of the anti-obesity medications currently approved as of 2022, including semaglutide.

The new module forms part of the SCOPE Core Learning Path, our eight-module course covering the ‘essentials’ of obesity management, and replaces Dr Donna Ryan’s module on obesity and pharmacotherapy. Visit this page for more information on the Core Learning Path and details of how to enrol. Users who are already enrolled in the Core Learning Path have been given complimentary access to the new module, and will see the course under 'My Learning' after logging in to the SCOPE E-Learning platform. The new course is available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

SCOPE is proud to offer up-to-date, CME accredited resources on obesity medicine based on the latest scientific research. Stay tuned for news on more new modules later this year!

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