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New EU Horizon-funded project OBCT launches!

NewsNew EU Horizon-funded project OBCT launches!

We are delighted to announce our involvement in a new EU Horizon-funded project Obesity: Biological, Socio-Cultural, and Environmental Risk Trajectories (OBCT).

The project will advance the current understanding of obesity risks and predictors and the role of socio-economic status across the life course. It will also determine the importance of specific obesity-related behaviours to prevent obesity at key life stages, characterise obesity-related cardio-metabolic risk profiles within representative EU countries, and determine the potential impact of obesity-related policies on inequality.

The goal is to provide health professionals, policymakers and the public with knowledge, maps and tools to support effective and sustainable prevention of obesity, particularly within people and communities with a low socio-economic status.

World Obesity joined other consortium members at the project’s very successful kick-off meeting hosted by VUMC in Amsterdam on 9 and 10 November 2023.

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