Informative and interactive SCOPE School Melbourne: A blog by Shubo Saiful | World Obesity Federation

Informative and interactive SCOPE School Melbourne: A blog by Shubo Saiful

NewsInformative and interactive SCOPE School Melbourne: A blog by Shubo Saiful

On 17 October 2022, World Obesity hosted the SCOPE School in Melbourne, Australia – our second in-person SCOPE School since 2019.

Themed around primary healthcare professionals, the school took place at the Batman’s Hills Hotel on Collins. Sessions included a mixture of presentations including management of obesity in pharmacotherapy, bariatric surgery, and challenges in starting the dialogue with adults and children living with obesity.

SCOPE School

The meeting was co-chaired by World Obesity President, Prof. Louise Baur, and World Obesity Clinical Care Committee Chair, Prof. Joe Proietto. The session included many opportunities to interact with speakers and delegates commented on the high quality of the presentations delivered.

Other speakers who joined the school with the co-chairs were Dr Catherine Bacus, Dr Georgia Rigas, Dr Priya Sumithran, Dr Shirley Alexander and Dr Mahenderan Appukutty.

Funded by Novo Nordisk, the event brought together around 70 attendees who challenged each other on the best courses for the management and treatment of obesity from over 15 different countries.

Feedback from delegates was overwhelmingly positive, with 94% of attendees rating the conference as ‘Excellent’, and 89% stating that the educational content addressed will have an impact on their clinical practice.  This was summed up by one happy delegate as a “Great educational day - very informative and useful for everyday clinical practice.”

The SCOPE School in Melbourne served as a reminder of the role of in-person events, allowing conversations to flow, networking to take place, and old and new faces to be reunited.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next SCOPE School in Chile this November!

SCOPE School Chile: November 2022

Taking place on 25 and 26 November 2022 in Santiago, Chile, this school will focus on 'Obesity Management - An Etiopathogenic Multidisciplinary Approach'

Click here for all the information and to book your place.

SCOPE School Chile