/ Four new SCOPE E-Learning modules released

We are pleased to announce that four brand new modules have been released via SCOPE E-Learning. Topics include the harmful consequences of weight bias, how to sensitively raise the issue of weight in a primary care setting, and how to enhance and improve the process of diagnosis in obesity clinics. All four modules are available completely free of charge.

Find out more about the new modules below, or click here to visit the SCOPE site and get started.


/ Weight Bias: A Hidden Harm (Part 1)
Consequences for Health and Strategies to Improve Clinical Practice
Dr Rebecca Puhl

This module provides an overview of the nature and extent of weight bias experienced by youth and adults, with specific attention to consequences of weight bias for health. Dr Puhl provides a summary of evidence highlighting links between weight bias and psychological wellbeing, eating behaviours and other physical health outcomes.


/ Weight Bias: A Hidden Harm (Part 2)
Implications of Weight Bias for Patient Care and Public Health Communication
Dr Rebecca Puhl

This module provides a summary of the ways in which weight bias can affect healthcare delivery and compromise care for patients with obesity. Dr Puhl outlines five strategies to reduce weight bias and improve supportive care in clinical practice for patients with obesity. She also highlights the importance of addressing weight bias in broader health communication beyond the medical office setting.


/ Primary Care Weight Management: Shaping the Conversation
Dr Rachel Pryke

This module gives an overview of how to structure weight management discussions, including establishing positive conversations and avoiding common pitfalls if weight is a sensitive topic. It explores how well-meaning comments may come across quite differently to patients and summarises which treatment options are suitable for different circumstances. The module is suitable for all primary care clinicians.


/ Diagnostic Pathways in Obesity Clinics: What is the State of the Art?
Professor Nick Finer

This module discusses the key elements of the diagnostic pathway which will help clinicians optimise the treatment of patients with obesity. In addition to exploring the causes, drivers and complications of obesity, clinical case studies are used to demonstrate the importance of questioning, history taking and medical investigations. A must for healthcare professionals working in obesity clinics, this module aims to enhance and improve the process of diagnosis in order to select the most appropriate management plan for patients.


/ 30+ more free modules

SCOPE E-Learning now offers over 30 free e-learning modules on topics including obesity and cancer, PCOS, obstructive sleep apnea, diabetes, the role of surgery and managing obesity in patients with mental illness.

We made these modules freely available to ensure income is no barrier to effective obesity education. By taking these modules, you will earn CPD points and SCOPE points which count towards SCOPE Certification.

To access our free modules, including those above, simply log into SCOPE and click 'Free supplementary modules' on your user dashboard or select 'Catalogue' from the menu in the top-left corner.


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