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2023 in review: SCOPE

News2023 in review: SCOPE

SCOPE has continued to grow in 2023 as we invested in module development, awarded Fellowships, implemented new certification requirements, and saw a new annual record for SCOPE Certifications!

This year, we added two new modules to our E-Learning platform, expanding our 40+ CME accredited modules with even more relevant and engaging content for healthcare professionals. National and International Fellowships were awarded to world-class experts in obesity management. We restructured our pricing, allowing for two acclaimed learning paths to be offered free of charge to World Obesity members. And we implemented examinations on our Core Learning Path which ensures that healthcare professionals applying for SCOPE Certification are able to provide patients with obesity with the best care.

Obesity and Kidney Disease

At the start of the year, we released a brand new SCOPE E-Learning module, 'Obesity and Kidney Disease'. In this module, esteemed nephrology expert, Matthew R. Weir, provides a comprehensive dissection of the intricate interrelation between obesity and chronic kidney disease (CKD).

The course provides a rigorous exploration of potential pathophysiologic mechanisms that contribute to the heightened risk of CKD progression, offering effective management plans. The course encompasses a range of management plans, spanning behavioural, pharmacological, and surgical approaches, providing an essential toolkit for all health professionals dedicated to the treatment of patients facing obesity-related chronic kidney disease.


Genetics and Obesity

Later in the year, we released another new SCOPE E-Learning module, 'Genetics and Obesity'. Authored by Prof. Sadaf Farooqi, the course provides a thorough examination of the role of genetic changes in contributing to obesity. The module highlights that 40% to 70% of body weight variations can be linked to genetic factors. Managing genetic obesity syndromes requires specialised approaches, guided by multidisciplinary teams. The module emphasises that traditional interventions like caloric restriction may be less effective due to the innate biological drive toward hyperphagia in these patients.

Addressing the need for comprehensive patient education, the module stresses the importance of understanding the biological basis of the condition to reduce stigma and bias. Regular monitoring for obesity-related complications and adherence to clinical guidelines are crucial. The module is a valuable resource for healthcare professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge of the genetic underpinnings of obesity. It covers signs of genetic obesity syndromes, with a focus on hyperphagia, particularly in children with MC4R deficiencies. Available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, this free module is an essential tool for professionals looking to enhance their expertise in the field.




This year, four outstanding health professionals have been honoured with a SCOPE Fellowship - the most prestigious award offered by SCOPE. Dr Georgios Valsamakis (Greece) was the recipient of an International Fellowship, while Dr Dimitrios Patoulias (Greece), Dr Fotios Barkas (Greece), and Dr Roselle Herring (UK) received National Fellowships in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the field of obesity management.

International Fellows are world-class experts in the field of obesity management, identified by a SCOPE search committee. National Fellows are experts of national or regional renown who have made a significant contribution to obesity medicine in their country.

More about SCOPE Fellowships

Free courses for World Obesity members

As part of the price restructure implemented in September, SCOPE now offers its acclaimed learning paths, Childhood Obesity: From Diagnosis to Treatment, and Obesity and CVD: A Complex Relationship, completely free of charge to members of World Obesity-affiliated national and regional associations.

Members are also entitled to a 25% discount on the Core Learning Path and on their annual recertification payment. By offering these benefits to our members, we hope to encourage more health professionals to join our growing international community dedicated to reducing, preventing and treating obesity.



At the start of 2023, SCOPE introduced a series of multiple-choice examinations on its e-learning platform. These include a ‘core’ exam focusing on the Core Learning Path, and four shorter exams focusing on the supplementary modules.

In April, successful completion of the core exam and one supplementary exam became a requirement of SCOPE Certification and recertification.

This new requirement ensures that all SCOPE Certified health professionals assimilate the knowledge provided in SCOPE courses, allowing them to provide their patients with obesity with the best possible care. The examinations have driven engagement with the SCOPE programme, with a record number of certifications being awarded this year, as outlined below.

More about Examinations

A new annual record for SCOPE Certifications!

This year, more health professionals have successfully applied for SCOPE Certification than ever before. At the time of publication, 746 SCOPE Certifications have been awarded in 2023, exceeding the previous record of 647 in 2020.

Certifications were awarded to health professionals in every continent in the world, with the highest number being awarded in India, Egypt and the UAE.

This increasing interest in SCOPE reflects the growing recognition of obesity as a disease requiring compassionate, evidence-based treatment informed by the latest scientific knowledge and research.

More about SCOPE

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