Hannah Brinsden | World Obesity Federation

Hannah Brinsden

Hannah Brinsden is a Registered Public Health Nutritionist (RNutr) having completed a degree in Nutrition & Food Science at The University of Reading, UK. Hannah currently holds the position of Head of Advocacy and Public Affairs at the World Obesity Federation (WOF) where she plays a key role in the organisations policy and advocacy work, including advising the World Health Organization and its regional offices, the European Commission and national governments on their nutrition, obesity and NCD prevention policies. Hannah also leads the strategy for World Obesity Day and other WOF public communications relating to obesity and nutrition. Hannah has previously held posts at the UK-based campaign organisations Consensus Action on Salt & Health and the Food Commission.

In addition to working at WOF, Hannah has recieved a PhD from the Centre for Food Policy at City, University of London. Her research is a critical analysis of the impact and effectiveness of NGO advocacy in the UK within the context of public health nutrition.

Hannah’s primary interests include the prevention of NCDs and obesity, upstream policy drivers of disease, the commercial determinants of health, food marketing and conflicts of interest.