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Victor Matsudo

Victor Matsudo is an Associated Professor in Medicine, an Invited Professor at Santa Casa Medical School in São Paulo, and specialized in Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Since 1974 he is running the Physical Fitness Research Laboratory from São Caetano do Sul (CELAFISCS), where he currently is the Scientific Director. That Research Center is one of the most important institution in Sports Sciences in Latin America, with many important research projects such as the Mixed Longitudinal Study on Physical Fitness of Ilhabela (an oceand island between São Paulo and Rio), the Mixed Longitudinal Study on Active Elderly People from São Caetano do Sul, the International Study on Childhood Obesity, Lifestyle and Environment ( ISCOLE). Since 1996, CELAFISCS is coordinating an intervention to promote physical activity at São Paulo State, targeting over 40 million inhabitants, the Agita São Paulo Program. The impact of the program inspired many programs around the Americas (creating the Physical Activity Network of the Americas, RAFA/PANA) and the world (creating the Agita Mundo Network). He and his CELAFISCS team have received a world recognition through many awards (Gold   Medal in Sports Medicine in Barcelona Olympics (1992), Phillip Noel Baker Award (1996), the CDC Award (2004), the Odyssey Award (2015) and the Citation Award from the American College of Sports Medicine (2014), among others.