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Shifalika Goenka

Shifalika Goenka is additional professor at the Indian Institute of Public Health- Delhi, Public Health Foundation of India(PHFI) and at the Center for Control of Chronic Conditions(CCCC). She co-ordinated  the first  multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary ‘National Consultation’ on implementation of WHO's Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health in 2005. Her book ‘Powering India’s Growth’ urges policy makers, to promulgate polices which supports:  active living; active travel; availability, accessibility, affordability and desirability of healthy foods and beverages, etc to name a few. She designed the health promotion component of one of the largest worksite primary prevention projects in India. 

Dr. Goenka conceived, co-ordinated the Indian food pyramid-   She is the Project Director of a D- 43 Grant, along with Emory University, National Institute of Public Health, Mexico. She contributes to physical activity component of a number of field based epidemiological and  intervention studies  and advocates that the scope of NCD surveillance should include mapping the  safety, accessibility and comfort  of physical activity in daily living, built environment,  pricing and availability of   healthy foods and fresh fruits, vegetables. She has intensive field experience, working at the ground level with different stake holders, school children, and a wide range of providers. She teaches graduate courses with high student ratings.