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Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan is an economist, public policy analyst, investor and philanthropist. He has instigated and sold three successful businesses — an economics consultancy and two funds management businesses. His philanthropic endeavours cover the work of Morgan Foundation which focuses on social investment in developing economies, environmental conservation in New Zealand, and public policy analysis and education in New Zealand. He is also a UNICEF Ambassador. Gareth authored six books on issues of public interest covering climate change, tax and welfare reform, threats to global fish stocks, a study of New Zealand’s Treaty of Waitangi and the future of New Zealand’s constitution, Health Cheque – a review of New Zealand’s public health system, and Appetite for Destruction, a study of the role of processed food and obesity. Gareth’s directorships have included a national legal firm, publicly listed companies, advisory boards of government departments, New Zealand's largest web site auction house and a Brazilian dairy industry business.   Gareth graduated from Victoria University with a PhD in economics 1982.