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Corinna Hawkes

Corinna Hawkes is Professor of Food Policy at the Centre for Food Policy, City University, London, UK. Her expertise is in food policy, food systems, diet, nutrition and health. She is Co-Chair of the Global Nutrition Report's Independent Expert Group and participates in the World Health Organization's Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity. She has worked for the World Health Organization, the International Food Policy Research Institute, the School of Public Health at the University of Sao Paulo, World Cancer Research Fund International and New York University. Her work involves research, teaching, advocacy, and advising governments and international agencies. Corinna has published widely in academic journals and in policy briefs and reports by think tanks and international agencies. Her research interests include analysis of food policies and regulations to encourage healthier diets and prevent obesity; food systems globalization and obesity; the links between agricultural policy, trade and nutrition; novel food system methodologies to identifying effective policy solutions; and food policies that benefit obesity, undernutrition and NCDs synergistically. Corinna is a member of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems and Senior Advisor to the Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research into Agriculture and Health London. She has a PhD from Kings College London.