ICO 2018

Notification of changes to World Obesity’s International Congress on Obesity

World Obesity is changing the model for the International Congress on Obesity to one that directly supports each of the regions of the world.  We plan to continue to rotate our meeting – every two years to a different global region. Where an existing regular regional obesity meeting exists ICO will be run in partnership with this regional meeting. In regions where this does not yet exist WOF will work with regional and national organisations to develop a strong regular regional meeting.

This change is to fulfil the World Obesity strategic aims of Improving environments to promote health; Improving and extending clinical practice and interventions to manage obesity; and Building collaborative partnerships and coalitions across all regions of the world through Leading, supporting and enabling member organisations.

The immediate impact of this change will be that in 2018 there will not be an ICO. Instead World Obesity is working with EASO to develop the first joint meeting between World Obesity and EASO for 2020, a very exciting initiative for World Obesity, EASO and all the member organisations.