Keep your SCOPE Certification up to date

Certification is renewable annually by completing two additional SCOPE modules, and submitting a renewal fee. We also ask all users to complete our Core Learning Path before recertifying.

How to renew

We believe up-to-date knowledge is essential for optimal obesity management. For this reason, we ask that you maintain your SCOPE Certification by earning at least 1 SCOPE point (equivalent to 2 e-learning modules) each year after certifying. 

You will also need to pay an annual renewal fee £10 to maintain your SCOPE Certification. This payment can be made by purchasing the 'Recertification' item on the SCOPE platform (after logging in, search for 'Recertification' using the search bar at the top of the page). 

You must complete the two additional modules and make your renewal payment on or before the expiry date on your certificate in order to recertify. When you have completed these steps, please email and we will renew your SCOPE Certification. We will also issue you with an updated certificate.

Core Learning Path requirement

If you have not already completed the Core Learning Path, you must do so before recertifying. This can be completed instead of the two additional e-learning modules. Users who previously certified are entitled to a 50% discount on the Core Learning Path - please contact to receive a discount code. You do not need to make the £10 renewal payment if you have paid for access to the Core Learning Path over the past 12 months.

Still have questions? Please contact

This programme is partially supported by an unrestricted medical education grant from Novo Nordisk A/S.