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Fee structure for SCOPE programmes

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Our mission is to make high-quality, evidence-based obesity education accessible to healthcare professionals around the world. For this reason, the majority of SCOPE training is offered completely free of charge.

A small number of SCOPE E-Learning modules are offered for a fee, with pricing tiered based on country income. This page outlines the costs of our premium online courses and other paid components of the SCOPE programme.

SCOPE pricing update as from 11 September 2023

We are updating our fee structure and the new pricing will be effective from 11 September 2023.

SCOPE E-Learning will continue to offer most of its content for free, with a small proportion of modules requiring payment.

A new tiered price structure for paywalled courses, as well as applications for SCOPE Fellowship, Accreditation and recertification, will be introduced in September 2023. Prices will be based on country income level (as defined by the World Bank) and World Obesity Federation membership status. Full details are outlined below.


Why are we revising our prices?

To facilitate our mission of making high-quality, evidence-based obesity education available to all healthcare professionals, we are introducing a new tiered price structure based on our users’ country income level, to ensure that our training remains affordable to all.

The majority of our 60+ SCOPE E-Learning modules will remain completely free to access. We will also be introducing additional benefits to members of World Obesity-affiliated associations, including free access to our learning paths on child obesity and CVD.


Details of our new pricing, which comes into effect on 11 September 2023, are outlined below:

The Core Learning Path cost will be tiered based on country income, with a 25% discount available to World Obesity members.

Our learning paths Childhood Obesity: From Diagnosis to Treatment and Obesity and CVD: A Complex Relationship will be available for the reduced price of £40 each. World Obesity members will now be able to access these courses completely free of charge!

A new bundle of our three learning paths – the Core Learning Path, Childhood Obesity: From Diagnosis to Treatment and Obesity and CVD: A Complex Relationship – will be made available. Pricing will be tiered based on country income level.

SCOPE Certification is awarded by SCOPE to healthcare practitioners who have completed the SCOPE training programme, including the new SCOPE Examination. See this page for more detail on Certification criteria.

There is no fee to apply for Certification.

The annual SCOPE Certification renewal fee will now be priced at £40 for users in high-income countries and £20 for those in upper middle, lower middle or low income countries. World Obesity members will be offered a 25% discount.

The SCOPE National Fellowship application fee will increase to £200 for applicants in high-income countries. The fee will remain at £100 for applicants in in upper middle, lower middle or low income countries.

The cost of SCOPE Accreditation of educational courses and events will be tiered based on number of participants and duration of the event/course. An application fee will be introduced for all applications, and a separate price structure will apply to for-profit companies. World Obesity members will be offered a 25% discount on the accreditation fee.

SCOPE Accreditation is not to be confused with SCOPE Certification, which remains free to apply for.

The new SCOPE Accreditation fees will apply to all events and courses commencing on or after 11 September 2023.

These changes come into effect on 11 September 2023. For current pricing, please contact us at


If you have any questions about the new SCOPE pricing, please get in touch with us at and one of our team members can assist you.

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