Maya Barake | World Obesity Federation

Dr Maya Barake

Degrees: MD, MSc

Job title: Endocrinologist

Dr. Barake is a consultant endocrinologist with fellowship training in General Endocrinology & Pituitary disorders, as well as Masters training in clinical research. After starting her practice, she developed her knowledge in obesity through the SCOPE educational program, culminating in receiving the SCOPE certification. In parallel, she initiated a multidisciplinary weight control program at her center of practice and became involved in several obesity initiatives at the national and regional level. In Lebanon, she chaired the scientific committee of the first scientific Obesity Day in 2019, conducted by the Lebanese Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Lipids (LSEDL), and destined to address challenges in obesity medicine with all concerned healthcare professionals. She was also selected as an active member of the first National Obesity Campaign developed by the Lebanese Ministry of Health and the LSEDL to increase awareness on obesity among the population. At a regional level, she was selected and is currently an active founding member of the Gulf & Lebanon World Obesity Federation steering committee and of the same committee's Recommendations Expert Group. 

This programme is partially supported by an unrestricted medical education grant from Novo Nordisk A/S.
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