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Youth Voices for Climate Health

Feb 15, 2022

Youth Voices for Climate Health:

An interactive workshop discussing Diet and Food Systems for Health, Climate and Planet
15th February 2022
12:00 - 15:00 GMT

The youth-led workshop is targeted at young advocates, passionate about climate and health and will aim to reflect on COP26, amongst other issues related to planetary health.

The workshop is funded as part of the project ‘Youth Voices for Planetary Health’ through a grant from the Wellcome Trust. The grant focus relates to the Health Climate Network (HCN), which is an alliance of organisations working to put positive health outcomes at the centre of responses to the climate crisis. The Network, which was initially hosted by Wellcome, advocates for evidence-based policy solutions that save lives and improve global health and has produced a series of briefings and key messages.

Youth Voices for Planetary Health’ aims to support and amplify youth voices around the HCN messages, and the workshop will serve as a platform to discuss the HCN’s messaging, refine it for collective youth advocacy and co-create new strategies to support the HCN’s priorities in 2022 through the production of a youth advocacy toolkit. The event will give individuals a chance to network with like-minded people, hear from experts, and contribute to the production of an advocacy toolkit to support other young changemakers who are working towards a better future.

Young people who are ready (or have already started) to explore the world of climate and health advocacy.

  • To facilitate youth networking and discussion in the health and climate advocacy space
  • To guide the production of an advocacy toolkit outlining how youth can advocate for change in Diet and Food Systems for Health, Climate, and the Planet

12:00-12:05 – Introduction and welcome – Hannah Brinsden

12:05-12:15 – Overview of Health and Climate Network – Alison Doig

12:20-12:35 – Learn: climate and health action across the globe

  1. Global Syndemic Lancet Commissioner – The Global Syndemic of Overnutrition, Undernutrition and Climate Change
  2. Jessica Fanzo – What is the planetary healthy diet?
  3. Taylor Quinn – Tailored Food: building a grassroots movement to end hunger by 2030

12:35-12:45 - Break

12:45-13:15 – Discuss: advancing the Health Climate Network recommendations

  • Room 1 – promoting access to sustainable, affordable, and healthy diets for all
    • Facilitator – Dara Karakolis (Food Foundation)
  • Room 2 – removing financial and non-financial incentives that support and promote high-emission, unhealthy food options and agricultural practices
    • Facilitator – Lesly Vejar (INSP)
  • Room 3 – a transition away from unsuitable farming and food processing practices that damage the environment and risk human health
    • Facilitator – Taylor Quinn (WFP/Tailored Food)
  • Room 4 – prioritising ecologically sustainable food systems to strengthen resilience, increase food and nutrition security and lower emissions.
    • Facilitator – Rhiannon Osborne (SGH)
  • Room 5 – ensuring that the transition to a more sustainable and ecologically friendly food system is done in a fair and just way
    • Facilitators – Pedro and Mafalda Goncalves (CO-CREATE)
  • Room 6 - Expert breakout room: what role do youth play in health and climate advocacy? How can experts work with youth meaningfully to address these issues?

Discussion output: 3 key actions for change + action for whole systems integrated approach towards achieving these recommendations

13:15-13:35 – Reporting back from WG facilitators - Moderated by Claudia Selin Batz

13.35-13. 45 – Youth advocacy in health and climate – Dr. David Nabarro

13.45-13.55 – Break

13.55-14.05 – Calling all young people to be agents of change in food systems transformation – Priya Prakash and Danielle Walwyn

14.05-14.35 – Discuss in breakout rooms: How can youth effectively advocate for change? networking for youth and experts

14.35-14.55 - Reporting back from WG facilitators – Moderated by Claudia Selin Batz

14:55-15:00 – Closing remarks - Hannah Brinsden