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Scholarship Guidance Notes


The World Obesity Federation will offer educational scholarships for SCOPE Schools in 2020 to those who would otherwise be unable to attend. Each scholarship will comprise a free full registration, travel and accommodation. As of 2020, World Obesity's criteria for allocating budgets to scholars have been reviewed and amended to reflect better practice. We no longer require you to submit an approximate cost of travel and accommodation. As such our Terms and Conditions have been improved and all applicants MUST read our SCOPE School Scholarship Terms and Conditions before proceeding with their application. 


To be eligible to apply for a World Obesity Scholarship you must have one or more of the following criteria:

  You have received a PhD within the past five years or MD within the past eight years. Or be working towards a PhD, MD or equivalent
  You have carried out research/work in the field of obesity
  You live in a low and mid-income country, whose gross national income is less than 90% of the EU average.   See world bank county list and the EU member states
  Completion of the Core Learning Path (CLP) prior to attending SCOPE School (4 SCOPE Points)
  Provision of a report/testimonial of the SCOPE School Experience post-event 
  Please attach your Curriculum Vitae to the completed form

Applicants may not have been in receipt of a previous SCOPE School scholarship in the same calendar year. 

Late submissions will NOT be considered, deadlines below. All application forms MUST be submitted by email.



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To be eligible to apply for a World Obesity Scholarship you must have one or more of the following criteria. Please tick each box to confirm you eligibility: