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The “Regional Recommendations for the Treatment and Management of Adult Obesity in the Gulf & Lebanon” report lays out the first set of obesity recommendations written specifically for the Middle Eastern region. 

Co-authored by clinical and policy obesity experts from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, the UAE and Lebanon, and the World Obesity Federation, the recommendations lay out the ideal clinical care pathway for individuals living with overweight and obesity in the region.

Gulf & Lebanon Regional Recommendations

Regional Recommendations for the Treatment and Management of Adult Obesity in the Gulf & Lebanon

Authored by the World Obesity Federation and the Gulf & Lebanon Recommendations Expert Group.

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التوصيات الإقليمية لعلاج وإدارة السمنة لدى البالغين في منطقة الخليج العربي ولبنان

تأليف الاتحاد العالمي للسمنة و فريق خبراء توصيات دول الخليج العربي و لبنان

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Launched virtually at the SCOPE School Global: Obesity Across the Lifespan (22-24th October 2020), the report is the product of an ongoing collaboration between World Obesity and obesity experts in the Middle East. This collaboration has resulted in SCOPE Schools to deliver obesity training, patient engagement that resulted in the launch of a Patient Portal, and now, these regional recommendations.

The Middle East has among the highest rates of adult obesity worldwide and is also experiencing some of the biggest increases in childhood obesity.  With the increasing evidence that obesity is associated with poor COVID-19 outcomes, these recommendations for improved obesity care are timely.

The publication of these recommendations will be followed by joint efforts to facilitate their adoption. In 2021, World Obesity will continue to work with the experts to encourage in-country- implementation so that all those living with overweight and obesity receive support to live healthier lives.

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