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Systematic reviews

Below, we have summarised a series of systematic reviews on the topic of weight stigma.

This review aims to determine the current research stance towards weight stigmatisation and to ascertain the impact of weight-based statements made over social media. Read more.

This literature review aims to systematically review the biopsychosocial consequences of stigma in adults with overweight/obesity. Read more.

This review summarises the implications of obesity stigma for healthcare providers and their patients with obesity, and highlights strategies to improve care for patients with obesity. Read more. 

This review examines the role of weight stigma in parental weight talk, and whether internalised weight bias mediates the relationship between parents' experiences of weight stigma and weight‐based conversations and comments. Read more.

This systematic literature review investigates the way in which weight stigma is manifested in a variety of settings. Read more.

This narrative review aims to assess the content of messaging and discussion of obesity in media and public health campaigns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures. Read more.

This review investigates the prevalence of weight bias among students & teachers and its impact on the educational experiences and health of students from kindergarten to postsecondary settings. Read more. 

This review surveys the topic of weight bias and stigma within the media. Read more.

This review examines the specific type, context, and extent of a weight bias in work settings. Read more.

This review aims to evaluate the relationship between internalised weight bias, physical and mental health, and to identify interventions to reduce weight bias internalisation and consequently improve health. Read more

This review aims to assess the impact of interventions designed to reduce weight bias in students or professionals in a health-related field. Read more. 

This rapid review from the University of Sydney, in collaboration with The Obesity Collective, provides a broad and comprehensive overview of weight stigma and bias. Read more.

This review aims to understand the availability of literature surrounding policies related to the prevention and treatment of obesity and policies that reduce or promote discrimination based on excess weight. The review also aims to inform future obesity-policy and mitigate weight stigma through the production of a set of recommendations for researchers and policymakers. Read more.

This review aims to summarise the evidence available on weight stigma experienced by youth living with overweight or obesity. Read more.