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Reports, guidelines, recommendations, position statements

In this section, we compile reports, guidelines, recommendations and position statements that have been published to inform, and support decision-makers to take action on weight stigma.

World Obesity Federation's report on the current use of imagery and language in the media.

Consensus statment: 'to inform healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the public about this issue, a multidisciplinary group of international experts, including representatives of scientific organizations, reviewed available evidence on the causes and harms of weight stigma and, using a modified Delphi process, developed a joint consensus statement with recommendations to eliminate weight bias.'

These are UK guidelines for parliamentarians to support parliamentarians to speak about obesity in a constructive and respectful way. 

Guidelines on language surrounding obesity for media and communications professionals. 

Obesity Canada's weight bias analyis tool for public health policies. Designed to support policy makers in assessing policies, strategies and programs and correcting for weight bias and stigma.

This booklet from EASO and Obesity Canada is about "self-management of the physical, mental and social consequences of obesity, and about regaining control of one’s own health and life. It is written from the perspective of persons who have obesity but we hope it will also be useful for health professionals and others. It is based on peer-reviewed research, complemented by professional expertise and the authors’ lived experiences."

The Rudd Center research page on weight bias and stigma. 

World Obesity Federation's World Obesity Day 2018 campaign toolkit to end weight stigma. 

World Health Organization's report on weight bias and stigma in the EU European Region.

Institute for Employment Studies guidelines to reduce weight stigma in the workplace.

The Canadian Chief Public Health Officer's report on the state of public health and weight stigma in Canada 2019.

UNAIDS and Global Health Workforce Alliance's action plan to eliminate discrimination in healthcare settings. 

Obesity Health Alliance's position statement on weight stigma.

The Association for the Study of Obesity position statement on weight stigma and discrimination.

American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery position statment on weight bias and stigma.

The European Coalition for People living with Obesity's webpage and resources on weight stigma.