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Addressing weight stigma and misconceptions about obesity in Europe: Considerations for policymakers.

Weight stigma is an important public health concern with wide-reaching causes and impacts. In this briefing, we will focus on the implications of weight stigma on public policy specifically and how policymakers can address this. This briefing has been written for policymakers, civil society organisations (CSOs), and other stakeholders to highlight the policy opportunities for helping to reduce weight stigma and bias. Particular attention is given to actions in three settings – healthcare, education and workplace.

This briefing supplements the evidence provided by systematic reviews, case studies, language and imagery guidelines, and other reports which have been compiled in the World Obesity Federation’s policy dossier. The briefing presents an introduction to weight stigma, the causes, and the consequences, before focusing on stigma in three specific settings of interest. A number of considerations for how policies can be used to address weight stigma are highlighted, and a number of actions for addressing weight stigma are showcased. 

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