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Food Labelling: Media Statements

Health Star rating system called out – and not for the first time - The New Daily 


“Our survey found that without Health Stars, two-thirds of people rely on marketing material to decide if something is a healthy choice,” Choice food policy expert Linda Przhedetsky said in a media release on Tuesday. 

“Too many food brands still try to trick us into buying their unhealthy products with misleading images and claims. A compulsory Health Star Rating system will help disrupt the food industry’s tricks.”

Lobby group calls for robust salt reduction programme in UK - FOOD Navigator


Campaig group Action on Salt has called for a robust salt reduction programme to be enforced without further delay in the UK. The lobby group also called for mandatory front of pack traffic lignt labelling, plus a review of labelling in other countries in terms of evaluating and measuring impact and regular 24-hour urinary sodium analysis to measure population salt intake. See more.

MEPs call for EU to make Nutri-Score mandatory - IEG Policy


Green and Socialist MEPs November 7 joined forces to call for the colour-coded front-of-pack nutrition label, the Nutri-Score, to be made mandatory EU-wide through a revision of the 2011 food information to consumers regulation (FIC – 1169/2011). They are also calling on consumers across Europe to sign the European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) petition for the Nutri-Score to be mandatory EU-wide – ProNutriscore – that was opened for signature on May 8. See more.

Mexico passes reforms aimed at combating obesity - The Washington Post


Mexico’s Senate has passed changes to the health law aimed at reducing the country’s obesity crisis by requiring warning labels on processed foods with high levels of sugar, saturated fat, sodium and calories. See more.

Nutri-Score makes in-roads into Portugal, Germany - IEG Policy


The Portuguese branch of French multinational retail chain Auchan is looking to adopt the colour-coded labelling scheme Nutri-Score over the coming months. The move comes as the German government announces its plan to adopt the scheme that allows consumers to assess the salt, fat and sugar content of products.

In Germany, Julia Kloeckner, Minister for Food and Agriculture, recently announced that the food label would become an official labelling scheme for Germany over the coming year. The decision follows years of “emotional and polarising” debate, the minister said. Research in Germany found that most people wanted Nutri-Score. See more.  

European Commission may push for further harmonisation of food-labelling rules - Just-food


"I would like to see consistent rules in the EU, ensuring that legitimate demands for more information remain compatible with our single market," wrote Kyriakides. 

Kyriakides said she was "concerned that over one third of foods bearing nutrition claims actually have a high level of sugar, fat or salt". Arguing that this can "mislead consumers and impact on public health", she said a labelling system should be "holistic" and "contribute to healthy and sustainable diets".  See more.

Food labels too complicated for most shoppers to understand – new research - The Conversation


Indeed, our latest research shows that many shoppers find food labels confusing and this is actually leading to a lot of people not really understanding what they’re eating. So while most people are aware a healthy diet involves eating a variety of nutrients in differing quantities, it’s less well known what these nutrients should be, and how much a person should be consuming. See more.

Mexican parliament votes in favor of warning nutrition labels - FOOD Navigator


"Since the proposal was filed by representatives from the official political party, plus the pressure from NGOs and relevant scientific institutions, it is expected that the proposals would pass the Senate without many implications. Although it is not clear, it could be approved before the end of 2019," Eugenia Muinelo. See more.

Germany plans to introduce Nutriscore: 'This is a milestone in nutrition policy' - FOOD Navigator


After a long, often toxic debate in Germany about clearer labelling of sugar, fat and salt contents in food, Klöckner has announced that the Nutriscore model should be used to display the nutritional value of food. "Consumers expect above all a summary rating that gives quick orientation," she said. See more.

India regulator postpones traffic-light labels implementation amid opposition - Just-food


However, the spokesperson said there was too much opposition across the Indian food sector to introduce the planned labelling reform as it stands: "It is a very big move and if the entire industry is against it how can you do that?" . See more.

Coming soon: Colour-coded nutrition labels for packaged food in UAE - Gulf News


UAE Cabinet approves Nutrition Labelling Policy to help people make healthy food choices. “The Nutrition Labelling Policy aims to raise community awareness and nudge people into adopting a healthy lifestyle, which will eventually promote health and overall wellbeing in the UAE,” the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future said in a statement on Wednesday.

Al Roumi said the policy stemmed from the Community Design for Wellbeing Initiative in which obstacles preventing people from adopting a healthy lifestyle were widely discussed. “One of those barriers was lack of clear nutritional information on food labels, so we conducted a field survey to identify the best tools for addressing this challenge,” she said. See more.

UAE Cabinet approves mandatory food labelling policy to encourage healthier eating - The National


"The initiative … supports the National Food Security Strategy, which aims to sustain food safety, improve nutritional intake and reduce the consumption of unhealthy food elements by 30 per cent," said Mariam Almheiri, Minister of State for Food Security. See more.

Transparency in the food chain regulation published in Official Journal - IEG Policy


The regulation (2019/1381), which will apply from March 27, 2021, notably opens up to public scrutiny studies that companies submit to EFSA to back up applications for approval of regulated products, like pesticides, food additives, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and plastic food contact materials. See more.

Reformulation in India: Good taste and clear nutrition labelling found to be key factors for success - FOOD Navigator


According to the Healthier Product Reformulation in India reported released by IGD and Food Industry Asia today, 83% of consumers reported that they would be 'happy if the product recipes are changed to make them healthier, provided they are still as tasty'.  

India is also consider a 'price-sensitive' market, so if reformulation results in any sort of increased costs, companies found consumer acceptance to this to be 'low'. See more.

Mandate Health Star Rating system': NZ report demands 'real action' over ultra-processed foods -  FOOD Navigator


A new New Zealand report has revived calls for the government to make the Health Star Rating (HSR) system mandatory in the country after highlighting that almost all leading food brands carried high numbers of ultra-processed foods. 

"Poor diet is the leading cause of early death in Aotearoa New Zealand, accounting for nearly 20% of illness and premature death," said the lead author Dr Sally Mackay via a formal statement.

"Getting healthier foods on shelves is key to curbing the obesity epidemic and diabetes ill health. But first we needed to get a handle on what's already available."  See more.

Swiss food companies support sugar reduction plan - IEG Policy


Approximately 14 companies - including retailers - have backed the Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) plan by signing an extension of the Declaration of Milan, which will be valid until 2024. 

Under the terms of that declaration, the sugar content in yogurts is to be reduced by 10% and in breakfast cereals by 15%. Sugar reduction will also now be extended to other products and salt reduction "in certain foods" will be added to the scheme. See more.

Polish opposition MPs draft bill to overhaul food labelling rules - IEG Policy


The state-run Statistics Poland agency “has shown, for the second time in a row, that [the average life expectancy in Poland] became shorter. This shows that something is wrong with the food that we eat,” Sachajko said, as reported by local news agency PAP. See more.

UAE to roll out colour-coded labelling for F&B items - TradeArabia


“The recent announcement by the UAE Government on introduction of colour-coded nutritional labelling on Food items marks a significant development in the UAE's F&B sector. 

The market for healthy food products in the UAE is growing at a rapid pace. Consumers throughout the world are demonstrating their interest in natural, healthier, high quality and safely produced food and beverages through their current purchasing decisions and the UAE is no exception,” said Priyanka Mittal, director at India’s KRBL Ltd, a global basmati rice company. See more.

WorldWide Nutritional Labelling Market, Industry / Sector Analysis Report, Regional Outlook & Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2019-2025 - Market Mirror


Trusted Business Insights presents the Latest Study on Nutritional Labelling Market 2019-2025. The report contains market predictions related to market size, revenue, production, CAGR, Consumption, gross margin, price, and other substantial factors. While emphasizing the key driving and restraining forces for this market, the report also offers a complete study of the future trends and developments of the market. It also examines the role of the leading market players involved in the industry including their corporate overview, financial summary, and SWOT analysis. See more.

When red means stop (the junk food)! - Citizen Matters


In the spirit of what Benjamin Franklin once said – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) released a draft notification on June 27 2019 seeking to place a mandate on packaged food companies to label high fat, high sugar and high salt content on the front of the package, using a traffic light signalling system. The overall objective is to let consumers make an informed choice. See more.

Origin labelling petition close to one million signature goal - IEG Policy


“The European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) ‘Eat Original. Unmask Your Food’, which Slow Food supports, calls on the European Commission to impose mandatory declarations of origin for all food products to prevent frauds, protect public health and guarantee consumers’ right to information.” See more.

Aldi To Introduce Nutri-Score Labelling In Switzerland - European Supermarket Magazine


The decision to adopt the labelling standard fits within Aldi Suisse's commitment framework to offer consumers healthier options, as well as the 'Oggi per Domani' (Today for Tomorrow) sustainability initiative. See more.

No More Sugar Coating: Government Orders Review of Nutrition Labelling for Added Sugars - Lexology


They say you are what you eat….
But it’s doubtful that most Australians would be comfortable saying that they are the 10 (or more) teaspoons of sugar they consumed in their last can of soft drink. However, we may well soon be confronted with these images given that labelling that displays this information pictorially is set to be considered by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) as part of a recently announced review of nutritional labelling for added sugars (the AS Review). See more.

Study proven: Nutri-Score food labelling reduces diet-related deaths - Innovations origins


“These new research findings make it clear that food labelling is ultimately a matter of life and death,” and she continues: ” Again, Nutri-Score is superior to other systems. There is therefore no alternative but to introduce it into Germany” Barbara Bitzer, spokesperson for Deutsche Allianz Non-communicable Diseases. See more. 

Traffic light labelling for foods’ carbon impact touted - IEG Policy


The successful traffic light labelling system used across the world to illustrate how much salt, fat and sugar is present in foods could also be used to draw consumer attention to the carbon impact of the food they buy as well, Professor David Reay of Edinburgh University, a specialist in the field of climate-smart food has said. See more.

Nine products that reach NutriScore, NOVA, Yuka and Siga consensus: Capital - FOOD Navigator 


Whereas NutriScore focouses on nutritional composition, the NOVA system is more concerned with how processed a food is. The method was developed by researchers in Brazil to assess the role of food processing on diets, health and wellbeing. See more.

New study finds steep rise in sugar levels in UK chocolate bars - Confectionery news


"This study showed that a high proportion of products would be labelled as red for sugars. If such a labelling system was enforced, some manufacturers may be incentivicesed to reformulate in order to avoid putting red labels on their products." Kawther Hashem, a nutritionist from the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine at Queen Mary University of London. See more.

Agenda de salud pública enfila a 45 congresistas - El Colombiano 


“Estas medidas saludables le pueden generar al país un tributo, pero más allá, le pueden representar un ahorro en materia de salud pensando en el futuro”, agregó  Juan Luis Castro, Senador de Alianza Verde. See more. 

Government orders review to weigh up 'added sugar' labels - The Sydney Morning Herald


The sugar-sweetened beverage industry is lobbying to be able to keep displaying an "energy" icon that displays the number of kilojoules per serve instead of a health star ratings icon, but is open to putting "added sugars" in the more detailed nutritional information panel. See more.

NutriScore is a consumer trap': Industry group calls for front-of-pack calorie logo - Food Navigator 


An overall rating system is not the solution to the obesity epidemic, the group argued, regardless of the algorithm - whether traffic light or otherwise. "Food cannot be divided into good and evil," German Sugar Industry Association noted. See more.

Know what you’re eating: New food labels in the pipeline aimed at South Africans making healthier choices - Health 24


“The department started a process of researching what would work best for the South African consumer. We are still in that process… and a research organisation is [looking into] what consumers will understand best. When that is done, we can start the process of regulating how food products should be labelled specifically in front.” Lynn Moeng, Chief Director of Nutrition in the Department of Health. See more.

¿Qué tan útil ha resultado el etiquetado de alimentos en España? - W Radio

En España, ya se ha empezado a incorporar para promover una nutrición más sana y combatir las cifras de obesidad. See more.

UK needs compulsory front of pack nutritional labelling, says campaign group - Talking Retail


“Food manufacturers must get on board in our efforts to improve the nation’s health. We found a large variation in the salt content of product categories proving reformulation is easily achievable. We want to see the food industry disclosing nutritional information clearly on front of pack on all products so everyone can easily find healthier options.” Mhairi Brown, nutritionist at Action on Salt. See more. 

French food label exposes ultra-processed products: 'Food is more than a sum of its nutrients' - FOOD Navigator


French start-up Siga has developed  a label that ranks food according to its degree of processing. The system aims to help consumers select the 'most natural and healthy' products on the shelf, CEO Aris Christodoulou tells FoodNavigator.

"Tha is whe we created Siga" Christodolou told FoodNavigator. "We use our own definition of ultra-processed foods; a precise deficinion which enables us to assess any food according to its degree of processing." See more.

China plans to reduce salt, sugar intake - Just-food


The rules could in future insist "three reductions" in salt, sugar and edible oil content must be noted. Also, the mandatory labelling of sucrose content will be increased to a wider range of food products than at present. The National Health Commission has also released a note suggesting the introduction of "positive package logos" to help consumers choose healthier food. See more.

Cambio de etiquetado, en marcha - El Heraldo de México


¿Qué esperar hacia adelante? Desde luego, tenemos las formalidades a ser agotadas: aprobarse en el Pleno de San Lázaro, ir al Senado en calidad de minuta, turnarse y aprobarse en comisiones, luego de nuevo al Pleno de la cámara revisora, y sólo si se aprueba en los mismos términos que con los diputados, enviarse al Ejecutivo para su publicación. See more.

Tras cinco años, etiquetado de los productos aún no se cumple al 100% en Ecuador - El Universo


Es un incumplimiento del etiquetado, puede ser del semáforo o que el semáforo no está conforme con la fórmula o cantidades que tiene (un producto) u otros complementos al etiquetado general”, explica Angélica Tutasi, coordinadora de Nutrición, Seguridad y Soberanía Alimentaria del Ministerio de Salud Pública (MSP). See more.

En Argentina, las etiquetas de los alimentos no ayudan a “prevenir enfermedades crónicas” - Urgente 24


En Argentina, según la Fundación Interamericana del Corazón, el rotulado de los alimentos que consumimos “no incluyen una perspectiva de prevención de enfermedades crónicas no transmisibles”. Según la fundación, la regulación actual “no es suficiente para promover una alimentación adecuada y, en paralelo, deja un margen importante para que las empresas alimenticias aprovechen esos vacíos legales y confundan al consumidor”. See more.

Empresas chatarreras seducen a diputados de la 4T para frenar el etiquetado “a cambio de favores” - Sin Embargo


Pese a que la adopción de un etiquetado más sencillo e intuitivo “es la mejor opción” para la salud de los mexicanos, “obviamente esta industria se va a oponer a aquello que va a afectar sus intereses, como en su momento lo hizo la industria del tabaco”, añadió el activista Alejandro Calvillo, quien tiene una larga lucha contra las grandes corporaciones de alimentos “chatarra”. See more. 

Nuevo etiquetado pondrá en jaque a las empresas - Reporte Indigo


"Estos actos han sido abusivos, porque sus productos además de no ser saludables están a la venta en cualquier esquina y son incluso más fáciles de encontrar que las tortillas y las frutas" - Marcos Arana, Investigador del Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición Salvador Zubirán. See more. 

Recent Study on GMO Labelling Food & Beverage Market: 2019 Global Industry Status, Market Size & Growth, Segment by Region, Type and Future Forecast until 2023 - Financial Planning


Global GMO labeled food market is expected to grow considerably during the forecast period. The mandatory labeling requires food manufacturers to mention the GMO ingredients on the labels of GMO products. Around 64 countries around the world, which comprise almost 40% of the world population, including Europe, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Australia, China, India, South Africa, Germany, and others, are labeling their GMO food products.See more.

Salud: será más dura regulación de alimentos procesados - El Economista


“Porque la evidencia científica ya es clara y contundente en torno a la mala alimentación como causa de las principales cinco enfermedades crónicas degenerativas que causan muertes en México. La política pública de prevención de un problema de esta magnitud no se puede poner a negociación de actores como la industria de alimentos y las relacionadas con la agroindustria que son una parte interesada, concreta y explícitamente”. Hugo López-Gatell, subsecretario de Prevención y Promoción de la Salud. See more. 

Mexican health commission backs warning label regulation - FOODNavigator-LATAM


"Given the labelling that are likely to be imposed, we know that Mexican food manufacturers have started to actively react and are working within the relevant industry associations ahead of the upcoming discussions at the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies, which will include disscussion of the details of the amendments and how to establish a transitional scheme to ensure the industry can comply with the changes"  Ernesto Algaba, partner at law firm Hogan Lovells. See more. 

Diputados contra obesidad, con etiquetado de alimentos - Reporte Indigo


“El derecho a la salud, implica la obligación del Estado a atender los problemas de salud que afectan a la sociedad, por tanto debe emprender las acciones que sean necesarias para proteger y garantizar este derecho a la población”, expuso en un pronunciamiento la diputada Martha Tagle. See more. 

México, en la batalla contra la industria por un etiquetado frontal efectivo - La Crónica


En política pública se necesita  un paquete de, al menos, cuatro medidas documentadas si es que se aspira a tener una oportunidad de combatir la obesidad: los impuestos a bebidas y alimentos chatarra, etiquetados entendibles que alerten a la población sobre el riesgo de su consumo, regulación de publicidad dirigida a niños y la disponibilidad de alimentos saludables en las escuelas. “México está ahí, en ese proceso”. Boyd Swinburn. See more.

Colombia cada vez está alimentando peor a sus niños: Piñeros - El Nuevo Siglo


Directora de Red Papaz dijo que etiquetado frontal para alimentos ultraprocesados es un paso para corregir. "El reto que tenemos por delante es enorme, seguramente van a venir nuevos proyectos de ley. Estamos conversando con varios senadores y Representantes porque esto no es un tema de un partido político sino que tiene que ser una alianza por la salud pública que empiece a impulsar estas medidas que requiere Colombia". See more. 

Are food politics defeating Canada's healthy eating strategy? - CBC


New laws aimed at helping consumers make healthier food choices face an uncertain future as time runs out for the federal government to implement the regulations. Health policy advocates suspect food industry lobbying is one reason for the delay

"I think the issue is heavy industry lobbying and, as a result, political will.​" Manuel Arango, of Heart and Stroke See more.

Coalition's voluntary salt limits have been 'public health disaster' - The Guardian


“It is now up to the health minister, Public Health England and the government to set up a coherent strategy where the food industry is instructed what to do, rather than the food industry telling the government what to do, which currently seems to be the case." Anthony Laverty, of Imperial College’s public health policy evaluation unit. See more.

FAO pide a Paraguay aplicar un etiquetado de alimentos que advierta riesgos - Aguasdigital


El representante de la FAO en Paraguay senalo que si ien el Etiquetado Frontal de Alimentos, que advierte si el producto es saludable o no, no es la única forma de preservar la salud pública, "será una medida importante y esencial a la hora de reducir las enfermedades relacionadas con la alimentación." See more.

Brits admit to confusion over food labelling - Food&Drink International 


“Brits are trying to adopt healthier diets, however, there is a need for further clarity around nutrition. In particular, how to manage fat, salt, and sugar intake to prevent health-related illnesses,” said Markus Stripf, co-founder and CEO of Spoon Guru. See more.

Dulce combate por etiquetado frontal - El Financiero


Actualmente la Cámara de Diputados discute varias iniciativas de reforma a la Ley General de Salud, que buscarían evitar que el sobrepeso y la obesidad sigan al alza en México; entre los cambios destaca el etiquetado frontal de alimentos y bebidas, que de forma muy clara identificaría qué tan saludable es un producto. Esto ya ha generado pugnas internas en la 4T, debido a que ciertos grupos políticos apoyan a los productores de alimentos y bebidas y otros no. See more.

Latin America’s war on obesity could be a model for U.S. - The Washington Post


"The obesity epidemic is relatively new in Latin America,” says Camila Corvalán, a nutrition professor at the Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology at the University of Chile, who was on the expert panel that helped the Ministry of Health develop the new policy. “But we knew exactly where we would end up. We have all the figures and numbers from the United States.” See more.

Suma apoyo el pedido para advertir por excesos en el etiquetado frontal - La Voz del Pueblo


En el día de ayer se llevó a cabo una jornada sobre obesidad en la Cámara de Diputados de la Nación en la que se promovió el etiquetado de alimentos contra la publicidad engañosa en la industria alimenticia; actividad que mediante una iniciativa de change org/malcomidos lleva sumadas unas 50 mil adhesiones. See more.

Traffic light labels on foods products to reverse obesity? - Food processing


Prior research evaluating the impact of food labelling interventions on calories purchased has been either lab-based or cross-sectional, assessing a single food or meal choice. “The difference with our study is that it looked at real-world purchases by employees over several months,” said Anne N Thorndike, lead author of the study. See more.

Organizaciones piden al Legislativo etiquetado de alimentos procesados claros - MVS Noticias


Expertos en el diseño y la implementación de etiquetados frontales de advertencia en Chile, Perú, Uruguay y Brasil y organizaciones mexicanas señalaron que en nuestro país las Guías Diarias de Alimentación “no son entendibles y ponen en riesgo la salud de la población, ya que induce a un alto consumo de azúcar”, carecen de sustento científico y no sigue las recomendaciones de las organizaciones Mundial y Panamericana de la Salud. See more.

Ley del etiquetado de alimentos, ¿una lucha necesaria para la salud en Colombia? - El País


Actualmente en Colombia no existe una regulación exigente en cuanto a cómo deben ser los etiquetados de los productos alimenticios que se venden en las estanterías de los supermercados, negocios medianos y tiendas, y que son, por supuesto, del consumo diario. See more. 

FSSAI plans colour-coded label for packaged food products with high fat, sugar, salt - Press Trust of India


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) said that its new 'Labelling and Display' regulations is ready for draft notification. These regulations will supersede the Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations, 2011. "The idea behind the new labelling regulations is to enable citizens to know more about the composition of food products, so that they can make informed choices," FSSAI said in a statement. See more.

Le Nutriscore bientôt obligatoire? - InterFrance


Edouard Philippe, le Premier ministre of France: "Quant au plus haut sommet de l'État un engagement est pris pour rendre le "nutriscore" obligatoire, malgré les pressions des lobbies, on ne peut que se réjouir. C'est vraiment un outil de santé publique puisqu'il va renseigner le consommateur sur la qualité nutritionnelle des aliments et va lui permettre d'orienter ses choix vers des aliments plus sains, puisqu'il peut les comparer. Ce système fait également pression sur les industriels pour qu'ils modifient la qualité nutritionnelle des aliments, pour que leur offre soit moins riche en graisses, en sucre, en gras et en calories." See more.

Why has Italy staunchly opposed WHO’s push for front-of-pack nutrition labels on food? - Scroll


In a May 6 press release, the Italian government openly criticised an upcoming report of the World Health Organisation intended to provide guiding principles and a framework for front-of-pack nutrition labelling in order to promote a healthy diet. See more.

NutriScore under fire: Debate rages over nutritional labelling in Germany - FOOD Navigator


"A clance to the UK,  to France or to our country makes it clear that neither the food traffic light nor the NutriScore [systems] find support in the majority. From the outset, we have made it clear tha twe support the objective….of establishing a simplified nutrition labelling system in order to give consumers additional guidance. That's why we've come up with our own model" Stephan Nießne President of the Federation of Food Law and Science rexplained.  See more.

Premium Portugal deve adotar um único sistema de rótulos com cores, alertam especialistas - Diario de Noticias


Artigo científico da autoria de especialistas portugueses defende que Portugal deve adotar o sistema de rotulagem dos franceses, que classifica os alimentos em cinco cores. DGS está a desenvolver um estudo para perceber qual o modelo mais adequado para o país. See more.

España negocia con Francia que el etiquetado Nutriscore recoja una excepción para no dañar al aceite de oliva - Agroinformación


“Ya hemos tenido reuniones con las autoridades francesas y están de acuerdo en adaptar el Nutriscore a la dieta mediterránea (…) Es posible que se introduzca alguna excepción al aceite de oliva, pero la tenemos que acordar con ellos”, ha explicado Victorio Teruel, subdirector general de Promoción de la Seguridad Alimentaria de la agencia Aecosan -dependiente del Ministerio de Sanidad-. See more.

María Luisa Carcedo firma convenios por los que 398 empresas alimentarias y de bebidas se comprometen a reducir el contenido de azúcar, sal y grasas - Ministerio de Sanidad, Consumo y Bienestar Social 


“Europa tiene uno de los niveles de seguridad alimentaria más altos del mundo, pero tenemos el nuevo reto de la obesidad. No podemos ni debemos escatimar esfuerzos para que los alimentos sean seguros y estén libres de contaminaciones biológicas, químicas o físicas, también tienen que ser saludables”, ha recordado la Ministra. Por ello, ha insistido en la importancia de los convenios firmados: “Las dietas poco saludables causan más muertes y enfermedades en todo el mundo que el consumo de alcohol, tabaco y drogas”. See more.

Spain adopts nutri-score labels in fight against obesity - Oils & Fats International Magazine


Maria Luisa Carcedo, Spanish health minister, said the nutri-score system will "provide citizens with more accurate information on nutritional quality". She added: "This information will allow citizens to compare with other similar products easily and make an informed and motivated decision to follow a healthier diet." See more.

Constructive' and 'technical': EC launches front of pack labelling debate - FOOD Navigator 


"The meeting happened in a constructive atmosphere and was mostly of technical nature. It allowed for a first exchange of experiences and evidence of use and understanding of the various FOP schemes to date and those in the pipeline, both from Member State authhorities as well as food and beverage organisations."

"Whilst the EC started that it does not have the power to prevent the development of a scheme by national governments or private operators, it believes that bringing all actors together and allowing for discussion at an early stage may avoid wider proliferation of labelling schemes across the EU - something which we welcome." See more. 

Dutch consumers support UK-style traffic light logo - FOOD Navigator 


"Consumentenbond prefers a logo with a traffic light because the survey shows that this is what consumers prefer" Babs van der Staak, communications officer at Consumentenbond said. "But we think the governmet should do further research to see what logo is best for Dutch consumers. This could be The French or the British logo or maybe a combination of both."  See more. 

Dutch industry-backed nutrition label ticked off with mounting criticism - FOOD Navigator


The industry group behind the Dutch healthy eating label, known as the tick, has come under fire from a consumer watchdog which says it is confusing, biased and should be scrapped - but it has defended its label. See more.