Pregnancy & obesity: case studies

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The impact of body mass index on maternal and neonatal outcomes: a retrospective study in a UK obstetric population, 2004-2011

The objective of this study was to assess the prevalence of overweight and obesity, and the impact of body mass index on maternal and neonatal outcomes in a UK obstetric population. See more.

Obesity in pregnancy: a retrospective prevalence-based study on health service utilisation and costs on the NHS

The aim of this paper was to investigate the utilisation of health services and associated costs among normal weight and overweight/obese pregnant women. See more.

Maternal obesity and pregnancy outcome: a study of 287 213 pregnancies in London

The objective of this study was to look at maternal and foetal complications in relation to maternal obesity. See more

Obesity in pregnancy: a study of the impact of maternal obesity on NHS maternity services

This study aimed to report on the perceived impact of maternal obesity on maternity services identified through the help of healthcare professionals caring for obese women in pregnancy in the North East region of England. See more

Maternal obesity in Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis

The aim of this systematic review was to investigate maternal obesity in Africa through the assessment of different components. See more

Obesity and Pregnancy in Saudi Women

This study aimed to identify the effect of maternal obesity on pregnancy and its outcome. See more