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Community-level interventions: systematic reviews

Systematic Review of Community-Based Childhood Obesity Prevention Studies

This study systematically reviewed community-based childhood obesity prevention programmes in the United States and high-income countries. 

Towards an integrated community approach of overweight prevention: the experiences of practitioners and policymakers

The aim of the review was to systematically assess the current state of knowledge about the effectiveness of population-based whole of community interventions in preventing excessive population weight gain. 

What childhood obesity prevention programmes work? A systematic review and meta-analysis

This systematic review aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of all childhood obesity prevention programmes implemented in different settings or designs conducted in high-income countries. 

Healthy urban environments for children and young people: A systematic review of intervention studies

This systematic review aimed to examine the evidence from intervention studies focused on modifying the urban environment and reported specific health outcomes for children and young people.

Strengthening the rigour of population-wide, community-based obesity prevention evaluations

The aim of this review is to review the methodological literature regarding evaluation methods recommended specifically for community-based interventions. 

Obesity Prevention: A Systematic Review of Setting-Based Interventions from Nordic Countries and the Netherlands

The aim of this review was to identify, synthesise and evaluate the quality of interventions aimed at preventing obesity in different settings from Nordic countries and the Netherlands.