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Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax: case studies

Globally, a number of countries have implemented SSB taxes over the past couple of years. Below are case studies from countries which have implemented an SSB tax.

Health impact assessment of the UK soft drinks industry levy: a comparative assessment modelling study

The aim of this modelling study is to appraise the health effect of various industry responses so that legislation for soft drinks levy can be designed to maximise health gain. See more

The impact of a ‘soda tax’ on prices: Evidence from French micro data

The aim of this paper is to evaluate the impact of the French ‘soda tax’ on the price of three main product categories of concerned drinks: (i) flavoured waters, (ii) fruits drinks and ready-to-drink teas and (iii) sodas. See more.

Taxing sweetened drinks in France

This case illustrates the feasibility of a tax on these products, the revenues of which are allocated to public health and allows us to draw lessons from other jurisdictions considering the adoption of a tax measures to reduce the consumption of sweetened drinks. See more.

Assessment of the impact of a public health product tax

This impact assessment observed the effect of the tax across five product groups: energy drinks, sugar-sweetened soft drinks, pre-packaged sweets, salty snacks and powdered soup and salty condiments. See more.

Impact of the Berkeley Excise Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption

This study provides the first evaluation of the impacts of a sugar-sweetened beverage tax in the city through the use of two neighbouring comparison cities. See more.

Advocating for sugar-sweetened beverage taxation: A Case Study of Mexico

This case study presents the different component of the advocacy campaign and steps that led to the implementation of the tax in Mexico. See more.

Beverage purchases from stores in Mexico under the excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages: observational study

This study specifically evaluates changes in the purchases of sugar-sweetened beverages after the implementation of the excise tax. It examines the short-term change in purchases of sugar-sweetened beverages one-year post-implementation of the 1 peso per litre tax. See more.

Obesity Prevention: Strategies and Challenges in Latin America

This paper presents the most relevant changes of norms and regulations aimed to reduce obesity levels that have been adopted across Latin American countries. See more.

Sugar-sweetened beverage tax in Pacific Island countries and territories: A discussion paper

This paper presents a summary of evidence-based options to address sugar-sweetened beverages consumption in the Pacific region with a particular focus on taxation. See more.

Thai Excise Department Implements New Sugar Tax on Beverages

In effect since September 16, 2017, the Thai Excise Department implemented for first time ever, an excise sugar tax on certain beverages to reduce consumption of sugar and to increase health consciousness. See more.