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Revenue calculator for sugary drink taxes 

New, Advanced Online Tool Offers Revenue Estimates for Sugary Drinks Taxes: Revenue Calculator for Sugar Drink Taxes to estimate potential annual revenues from excise taxes on sugary drinks. Zero-calorie/reduced calorie beverages such as diet drinks are not included in the estimation. Powders (e.g., fruit drink powder mixes) are also not included in the estimation; only available for the U.S.

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Developed by the World Cancer Research Fund International, the NOURISHING Framework is a tool designed to help policymakers, researchers and civil society organisations worldwide take action to tackle unhealthy diets. The framework aims to highlight where governments need to take action to promote healthy diets and reduce overweight and obesity. Each letter in the word NOURISHING represents one of ten areas where governments need to take action.

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Follow the trends surrounding the implementation of sugar-sweetened beverage taxes aroudn the world!


Drinks examples, sugar content and associated price increase* 

Drink Reformulated? Increase? 
Coca-Cola (original) No, keeping 11g of sugar per 100mL 24p increase
Pepsi No, keeping 10.6g of sugar per 100mL 24p increase
Fanta Orange Yes, cut sugar from 6.9g to 4.6g per 100mL  
Ribena Blackcurrant Yes, cut sugar from 10g to 4.6g per 100mL  
Lucozade Yes, cut sugar from 13g to less than 4.5g per 100mL  
Irn-Bru Yes, cut sugar from 10.3g to 4.7g per 100mL  
Orangina Yes, cut sugar from 10g to 4.5g per 100mL  
Sprite Yes, cut sugar from 6.6g to 3.3g per 100mL  
7 Up Yes, cut sugar from 10g to 7g per 100mL  
Red Bull No, keeping 27g of sugar per 250mL 24p increase
Fever Tree (Indian Tonic Water) No, keeping 8g of sugar per 100mL 24p increase
Fever Tree (low-calorie drinks) New line with less than 5g of sugar per 100mL  

*Drinks with sugar content under the 5g threshold don't have to pay the levy at all