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Videos and Podcasts

We have compiled a selection of videos to showcase expert opinions, reports and to highlight existing campaign messaging that urge leader to act to fast-track food systems transformation. Please see below.

Obesity, COVID-19 and food systems, collective action for a healthy recovery

The webinar was convened by the World Obesity Federation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in partnership with the Global Alliance for the Future of Food.  It brings together health, nutrition, food, and climate communities to discuss priority win-win-win actions across these sectors for a healthy recovery from COVID-19, for example, policies that simultaneously reduce the risk of malnutrition, climate, and climate change. Building resilient, sustainable food systems is a priority for a healthy recovery for people and the planet.

Transforming Food Systems: what role do you(th) play?

On International Youth Day 2021, the CO-CREATE project hosted an event to celebrate the theme of meaningful participation of young people,  The event showcased stories and advice from young activists on how they would like to be involved in efforts to transform food systems while outlining their priorities for key decision-makers for the future.

Editor Sabine Kleinert and Commissioners William Dietz and Boyd Swinburn explain the Global Syndemic and convey key messages from The Lancet Commission on Obesity, Undernutrition and Climate Change report, 2019.

The video produced by the UN Environment Programme defines the key reasons why we need to transform the way we eat and consume food.  It incentivises listeners to consider local food production, to eat a balanced diet and to reduce food waste.

Dr. Agnes Kalibata, UN Secretary-General Special Envoy for the 2021 Food Systems Summit shares her perspective on why building sustainable food systems is more important than ever. If we are to achieve the Sustainable Development goals in the remaining time, our food systems must change. Her vision is to fast-track food systems transformation through dialogue that contributes to aligned commitments in the remainder of the Decade of Action.

The SOFI report 2021 builds on the current evidence base that reiterates the need for double and triple duty actions to transform food systems and address malnutrition in all its forms. It outlines six ‘transformational pathways’ to achieve food security, improve nutrition, and secure access to healthy diets globally. These pathways address key food systems drivers such as climate change, conflict, economic challenges, and COVID-19.


Meet the youth leaders of the Act4Food Act4Change campaign. The passionate group of youth activists is demanding urgent action to transform food systems for health, human rights promotion, and to avert the risk of climate change and biodiversity loss. As a collective, they are aware that the Sustainable Development Agenda2030 will not be attainable without radical shifts in our consumption, production, and distribution patterns across the food system. Decision-makers in government and businesses must be held to account for their actions.

What does good food mean to you? This video launched to coincide with the UN Food Systems Summit 2021, showcases the power of good food to bring people and the planet together.

UK doctor switches to 80% ultra-processed food diet for 30 days 

Dr. Chris van Tulleken embarks on a 30-day ultra-processed diet to uncover what effect it has on our bodies. The full documentary, ‘What Are We Feeding Our Kids?’ can be streamed in the UK on BBC iPlayer.