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Food systems and obesity:Considerations for European Policymakers

The briefing will support policymakers, civil society organisations (CSOs), and other stakeholders regarding the implementation of food system-related policies and guidelines across Europe. It will supplement the evidence on available policies and recommendations provided by systematic reviews, cost studies, case studies, and other resources and guidelines compiled in the World Obesity Federation’s policy dossier. The briefing will present a summary of the evidence highlighting necessary steps and considerations to ensure that food systems can deliver healthy and sustainable diets for everyone.

Policy Laboratory - Obesity and food systems actions under the microscope

The recording of the World Obesity Federation Webinar on food systems and obesity, held on July 13th, 2021, is accessible below:

Food systems and obesity briefing & downloads

Briefing Paper

Food systems and obesity: Considerations for European Policymakers

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World Obesity Policy Lab: Obesity & Food System actions under the microscope

Slides for our policy lab.

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WOF Policy Lab Flyer

Obesity & Food Systems.

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Food Systems Dossier

The dossier will be constantly updated with new studies and resources as they come about. In the meantime, you can view our other elements of the food systems dossier.

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