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Obésités Mode d’Emploi : Apprendre à Vivre Ensemble (OMEAVE)

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Obésités Mode d'Emploi : Apprendre à Vivre Ensemble (OMEAVE), translated as 'obesity user guides: learning to live together', is an Associate Member of World Obesity Federation.

OMEAVE runs an information website dedicated to supporting people living with obesity, by helping to maintain or regain physical and psychological health through improvement of self-esteem and reconciliation of body image. OMEAVE is involved in obesity prevention, particularly through efforts to counter weight bias among healthcare providers, as well as providing obesity-related education to students.

OMEAVE supports the efforts of caregivers to improve patient care and developing therapeutic patient education and patient partnership, viewing empowerment as a vital tool in helping people living with this chronic disease.

President: Béatrix de Lambertye

General Secretary: Véronique Agnelli | Treasurer: Sophie Galier

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