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Malaysian Association for the Study of Obesity (MASO)

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The objectives of MASO are to facilitate obesity research, to promote improved understanding on obesity among professionals and public, to collaborate with government agencies, professional organizations, private sector and international bodies to improve the local environment and support healthy lifestyles, and to lead national efforts to reduce, prevent and manage obesity through policy development.

MASO holds conferences for the scientific community every two years, and has been involved in numerous international congresses. For the general public, MASO carries out weight management camps led by health professionals, and also organises community nutrition activities.

MASO is a Full Member of World Obesity.

President: Assoc. Prof Dr Geeta Appannah | Email

Representatives: Dr Denise Koh | Assoc Prof Dr Mohd Razif Shahril | Prof Emeritus Dr Mohd Ismail Noor

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