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Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity (HMAO)

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About HMAO:

The Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity (HMAO) is a non-governmental scientific association, operating on a non-profit basis in Athens, Greece. Founded in 1990, it has around 390 members from various areas of professional expertise, including medical doctors, dietitians and other health care professionals (psychologists, biologists etc). HMAO is a member of the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and the World Obesity Federation (WOF).

According to its Memorandum, HMAO aims to promote “the scientific research and study of obesity and the metabolic diseases in Greece” as well as “the scientific research in the field of healthy nutrition for the contemporary individual”.

HMAO has organised numerous scientific and non-scientific events for over 30 years, which were crowned with great scientific and organisational success. Further to HMAO’s activities nationwide, a strong presence has been established in Europe through the organisation of several events.

President: Efthymios Kapantais

Representative: Vassiliki Anagnou

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