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Croatian Society of Obesity

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President: Professor Davor Štimac | Email

Representative: Dr Andrej Belančić

The Croatian Society of Obesity operates within the Croatian Medical Association, the umbrella association of doctors in the Republic of Croatia. It is a member of the European Association for the Study of Obesity and World Obesity Federation.

Its mission is to raise awareness of obesity as a disease that reduces the quality of life and life expectancy, preventing and stopping the obesity epidemic, and to provide an integrated approach to obesity treatment. Its aims include:

  • Research - encouraging and conducting scientific research related to obesity
  • Public health activity - impact on the general public, media, professional, political and economic circles with the aim of stopping the obesity epidemic at the national, regional and global levels
  • Education - continuing professional and scientific training of health professionals who deal with the treatment of obesity through educational programs, professional and scientific meetings, congresses, seminars, lectures and courses, etc.
  • Cooperation - with other national, regional and international professional and scientific societies dedicated to solving the problem of obesity