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Azerbaijan Academy of Nutrition, Dietetics and Obesity Prevention (ANDOP)

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ANDOP (Academy of Nutrition, Dietetics and Obesity Prevention) stands at the forefront of combating obesity in Azerbaijan. It is committed to advancing scientific knowledge and promoting effective strategies for understanding, preventing, and treating obesity. Its primary mission is to enhance the lives of individuals affected by this widespread health concern.

Education lies at the core of our efforts. ANDOP organises comprehensive educational programs specifically designed for physicians and nutritionists, equipping them with the latest insights and tools for effective obesity management and clinical nutrition. By empowering healthcare professionals, we strive to foster a well-informed and proactive approach to tackling this pressing issue.

Beyond education, ANDOP actively engages in policy discussions and collaborates closely with both governmental entities and other non-governmental organizations. This strategic cooperation allows us to shape and influence policies that address the root causes of obesity and promote sustainable solutions. By actively participating in these dialogues, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the national and regional level.

ANDOP believes that a multi-faceted approach is essential in combating obesity. By combining scientific research, educational initiatives, policy advocacy, and collaboration, it aims to create a comprehensive framework that addresses the complex factors contributing to obesity.

President: Dr. Sevinc Zaman | Email

Representative: Dr Asmar Karimli | Email

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