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Patient Summit 2018 Videos

On the 10th and 11th October 2018, World Obesity Federation held it's first Global Patient Summit, bringing together an international group of patient groups and people living with obesity to explore current perceptions of obesity and participate in advocacy training for use on both a national and global platform. 

During the summit, held to coincide with World Obesity Day 2018, we spoke to patients about their experiences living with both overweight and obesity. Below, you can find a collection of some of our patients who were happy to make their voices heard on the subject of living with obesity and overweight, and emphasize just why we need to end weight stigma. 

Aastha Chugh, India

Mazin Issa Al Fulaiti, Oman

Bruno Helman, Brazil

Seema Cmhabra, India

Susie Birney, Republic of Ireland

Mukul Manchanda, India

Maggie Clinton, United Kingdom