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Youth Voices for Healthy Choices – Season 2

NewsYouth Voices for Healthy Choices – Season 2

In 2021, the World Obesity Federation launched its first podcast, Youth Voices for Healthy Choices to elevate the importance of addressing childhood obesity, especially in the context of COVID-19, and share stories as told by young people.

The pandemic has equally put a spotlight on some of the world’s most pressing issues, climate change and the need to restructure food systems. Hosted by World Obesity’s Claudia Selin Batz and Act4Food Act 4Change Campaign Co-Coordinator, Dara Karakolis the second 3-episode podcast series will discuss the links between health and climate, sharing stories told by changemakers who are working to achieve a healthier future for the planet. 

The series will be available on World Obesity’s youth-oriented capacity-building platform Healthy Voices and on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

In the lead-up to World Health Day, and beyond, the podcast aims to:

  • Educate listeners on the connections between climate and human health, including core recommendations and concepts emerging from the Lancet Global Syndemic of Obesity, Undernutrition and Climate Change. 
  • Inspire youth and elevate the work of youth activists and experts working on climate and health across the world, by sharing stories, as experienced by young people.
  • Change the discourse of in-action, bringing health to the front and centre of discussions surrounding the current climate crisis.

Featuring guest contributions from: Dr. Renzo Guinto, Dr. Lujain Alqodmani, Bernis CunninghamProf. Corinna Hawkes, Dev Sharma and D’Arcy Williams.

Want to learn more?

Visit Healthy Voices, World Obesity’s website that will provide young people with the necessary knowledge and advocacy tools to promote their positive engagement to address health-related challenges.

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The podcast series was developed with support from the Wellcome Trust Health and Health and Climate Network (HCN). World Obesity is a member of an alliance of organisations working to put positive health outcomes at the centre of responses to the climate crisis. The Network advocates for evidence-based policy solutions that save lives and improve global health. The Network has produced a series of briefings and key messages. This podcast series will amplify core messages and recommendations from the HCN through intergenerational dialogue.

The series was recorded and produced by The Podcast Company.