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World Obesity participates in the European Congress on Obesity

NewsWorld Obesity participates in the European Congress on Obesity

World Obesity members, volunteers and staff participated in the 31st European Congress on Obesity, held in Venice, Italy, between 12 and 15 May.

This impressive event, hosted by the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and the Italian Obesity Society (SIO), gathered experts throughout the world to present leading research from Europe.

Much of the research presented in Venice made front page news, with items on the efficacy of obesity medication treatments on stroke and heart conditions, limitations of medications for some patients, the harmful effects of stigma, and the costs of obesity with respect to absenteeism.

ECO 2024

World Obesity’s leaders and experts were involved in many key presentations, with current President, Prof. Louise Baur, delivering sessions on childhood, adolescent obesity, psychiatric effects and much more, and CEO, Johanna Ralston, chairing an abstract session on ‘Economic Costs and Inequalities’.

Past presidents, including Professors John Wilding and Donna Ryan, spoke on multiple occasions including, most notably, sessions presenting headline data on the impact of obesity medication on adverse and cardiovascular conditions.

Many other members and volunteers representing their organisations spoke or participated in sessions throughout the congress.

ECO 2024

As with previous editions of the Congress, the lived experience and patient voice was at the forefront of discussions.

The European Coalition for People living with Obesity (ECPO) was involved in sessions throughout and in a dedicated space for patient advocacy, while Allison Tennyson Ibrahim, a lived experience advocate and speaker from Kuwait and the US, represented World Obesity at several meetings.

Meanwhile, World Obesity took the opportunity to meet with new and existing members from India, Korea, Taiwan, Dominican Republic, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Canada, Chile, Greece, Finland, US and many more.

Following the congress itself, World Obesity convened a meeting of representatives in Venice to hold discussions towards a new strategy to come into force in early 2025. Participants were grouped according to expertise and were invited to make contributions in priority areas of health service delivery, public health and policy, and membership and resourcing.

Finally, World Obesity would like to congratulate Prof. Volkan Yumuk, who takes charge as EASO president following the successful tenure of Prof. Jason Halford.